10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

If your PC is lagging behind, that's real. Accessing files and folders or browsing web pages can take a long time. That's when you know your PC / laptop needs a good cleaning using PC optimization software. If it is a software related problem that is slowing down your system, these tools can boost its performance by removing any junk from the registry. So basically, these tools remove all unnecessary records, defragment the entire file system, and delete all files that are no longer in use.

However, if the problem is with the hard drive, for example, if it is facing a problem due to the operating system or apps, then you may need to upgrade the RAM or add an SSD. PC optimization tools would not be able to help you in this case. These tools are specially designed to troubleshoot software-related problems. While you can choose to manually tune your PC using Windows' built-in system maintenance tools, the free tuning tools can save you a lot of time.

Here is a short list of some of the best free PC optimization software.

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

One of the best PC cleaning tools, Piriform CCleaner, protects your privacy by improving the speed and performance of your PC. The software ensures the removal of redundant files and settings that are no longer in use. It basically frees up the hard drive space that has been occupied by the unused files and this makes the system slow.

It also guarantees safer browsing by removing any trackers and cookies that spy on your browsing activities. It cleans your browsing history and cookies by helping you with secure Internet browsing with all your hidden credentials and making your identity undisclosed. Furthermore, it also clears any confusions like errors or corrupted settings that could lead to system failure while keeping your PC safe.

Most importantly, disable all redundant programs running in the background when starting your PC and while continuing with work or play.

Price: free version available; the upgrade starts at $ 19,95

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

A reviewer favorite, Symantec Norton Utilities, gives your PC a complete tune-up and the best part is it's super easy! It helps you improve your PC performance in just a few clicks. The whole goal of this program is to speed up your PC and make it stable. It mainly performs three main activities such as repairing your PC, increasing PC performance and ensuring total protection of your privacy.

It automatically detects the usual PC problems and fixes them accordingly with just one click. It fixes damaged registry links, repairs broken files, and reduces interrupted registry activities so that there are no major system errors. Also, it speeds up your PC by blocking any unnecessary applications during startup to avoid slow startup times. It also defragments the registry and fixes it to recover all useful memory.

Furthermore, it also optimizes your hard drive space to help you access data faster and erase all unwanted files that are clogging up your PC space. The best part is that the program also takes care of your privacy by automatically deleting all cookies, temporary files and any confusion it collects from the web. This helps you protect your data while browsing the Internet and keep it safe from hackers. In fact, you can even remove any personal data that is not in use, permanently to stay protected.

Price: Starting at $ 19,99

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

iObit is one of the best free PC optimization software that cleans all unnecessary identical or temporary files that have locked up your PC. The program offers a one-click solution and your PC is free of unnecessary or duplicate files, while optimizing your PC's speed and performance. That's not all, as it also offers privacy protection of all your sensitive data stored in the system.

While it cleans your system of any junk, it automatically frees up the disk space. Furthermore, you can also use the advanced toolset to clean the registry. It also ensures that even if your computer is old, it will boot up smoothly. In addition, it also polishes your browser settings to make your Internet connection faster. It also maintains control over your PC in real time including RAM and CPU consumption to lower Windows response time.

Coming to privacy protection, iObit ensures that your computer is safe from hidden spyware. It also makes sure your computer is stable by removing any registry remnants. In addition to protecting and stabilizing your PC, it also updates your Internet browsing experience. As a bonus, it also keeps your personal data such as email data or passwords for different applications stored on your system safe and private. In fact, it even keeps your fingerprints hidden from prying eyes.

Price: free version available; the pro version available for $ 19,99

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

BleachBit is another completely free PC optimizer that helps clean up your computer and free up storage space quickly. In fact, it also protects your privacy which can include sensitive personal data. Not only that, it can also clear cache, remove logs, delete cookies, delete junk, clear browsing history, and even defragment temporary files. It can perfectly clean a plethora of applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Adobe Flash and more.

In addition to simple registry cleaning of unwanted files, it also includes professional features that help defragment files to avoid recovery, freeing up free storage space to cover leftover files removed by other programs, and completely cleaning Firefox to speed it up.

Price: free and open source

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

Iolo system mechanics is one of the best free system optimization tools that increases the speed of your PC by deleting all unwanted files and apps. The best part is that it also cleans the RAM, blocks any redundant apps, clears those numerous registries, unwanted auto-configuration settings, and more.

The software also helps speed up the system by removing any footprints of browser activities and ensuring complete privacy. Plus, it increases your internet speed, fixes any problems it finds, and clears any unnecessary clutter with real-time monitoring. It basically improves the overall system performance, especially at startup.

Price: free version available; the upgrade starts at $ 49,95

10 Best Free PC Optimization Software for Windows 10 PCs

This eminent optimization software is also an outstanding registry cleaner that covers detailed technologies to analyze any computer problems or defects in the registry. The program helps your PC run smoothly by increasing the speed of your PC with its amazing features. Blocks any unnecessary URLs, organizes the schedule for crawling, can be set effortlessly, and increases overall PC performance.

The best part of the program is that it tidies up the PC registry and thus makes your PC run smoothly. Also, it removes all unwanted files that clog up the system space. That's not all, as it also repairs any system issues that can potentially impact your overall PC performance. Furthermore, it also removes any malware that may pose a threat to your computer's performance.

Price: Starting at $ 38,95

Slimware Utilities is known to tune your PC for improved program response times. Also, it frees up hard drive space by removing all unnecessary and useless applications. The program collects up-to-date details, user ratings and reviews or recommendations from the community.

You can choose to use the free version with limited but powerful features or upgrade to the pro version to get rid of unwanted files and junk that otherwise consume a lot of space on your PC. This way unwanted files or malware can also be a threat to your privacy.

Price: Free download available; upgrade available at $ 29,97 for 1 PC per year

Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a completely free PC optimization software. As the name suggests, this is specially developed for Windows and thus makes maintenance quick and easy for Windows users. Windows is a popular platform, and while it has updated over the years, its maintenance needs have also increased.

In case of long-term use, Windows computers tend to collect digital waste over time, which makes the computer slow and slow. This, in turn, can lead to some mysterious system problems. Ashampoo WinOptimizer is a super efficient PC optimization tool that helps your Windows run smoothly and fast as it was when bought fresh. In addition, it comes with a wide range of dynamic and intuitive tools that allow you to customize and tune your Windows PC to suit your needs.

Price: free

AVG Tuneup helps your PC speed up by cleaning it from the inside out and even repairing it where needed. While it can clean up your OLD PC so well that it runs like new, it also allows your new PC to run faster. It comes with a unique and updated feature called Sleep Mode technology that helps speed up your PC and optimize its performance. It also comes with tools like Disk and Browser Cleaners that free up storage space in your PC hard drive.

The interesting thing is that the program repairs and maintains your system automatically, thus eliminating any errors and failures. The automatic maintenance ensures that your PC is free of cache files, tracking cookies, that the program remains or otherwise. Sleep mode, on the other hand, puts installed programs to sleep and wakes them up only when you want to use them.

It finds bloatware and removes it along with all redundant programs. You can also perform a deep cleaning of your hard drive using Disk Cleaner by removing all outdated backups, including installation files or the cache. The browser cleanup tool removes all temporary and leftover data online. Therefore, from fully automatic maintenance or removing redundant applications that are no longer in use to deleting junk files that free up storage space or keep important programs up-to-date, it comes with a lot of features.

Price: Free download available; upgrade available for $ 49,99 per year

Razer Cortex is specially designed to increase gaming performance. It offers improved gaming performance along with enhanced PC performance. It also offers the ability to find the best gaming deals on one platform with just one click. It comes loaded with a wide range of tools that help boost frame rates per second. These enhancement and optimization tools can also reduce static loading times. Most importantly, you can choose between two modes, manual and automatic which give you the power to fully exploit the gaming potential.

In addition to boosting your games, it also boosts your system performance by removing all unused files and freeing up disk storage space. This makes the PC perfect for regular use. As a bonus, you can also access its price comparison tool and freebies.

Price: free


A PC or laptop is a daily requirement these days and hence, the proper functioning of the system is a priority. With all your important files saved on your PC these days, it can slow down your PC considerably, hence causing slow performance. In Toady's hectic time no one has the time to manually clean up the junk or even to manually fix it.

Efficient PC optimization tools are what you need here to save time, while improving your PC performance by cleaning the registry and even fixing any errors that are causing your PC to slow down. The icing on the cake is privacy protection through reliable tools that keep your sensitive data and your PC safe from any malware. So, choose the best free optimization software of your choice and help your PC run smoothly.

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