11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics Business

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics Business

If you are in the transportation industry, you would know the importance of time and productivity. The more customers you have, the greater the demand and therefore the greater the need to keep your customers satisfied with on-time deliveries.

Logistics management (marketing system) is a complex process that involves the marketing of goods and services for the efficiency of one's customer base. There are many layers in these processes that revolve around the manufacturing agent with the eventual intention of offering goods and services to their customers on time and reliably.

Therefore, to make things easier, logistics software is your best bet. However, it is important that the software is easy to use and has the ability to manage logistics efficiently. To help you find the best choice, we've compiled a list of some of the best logistics software in the industry.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics Business

ShippingEasy is a perfect solution to get rid of any problems related to the delivery of goods, marketing and warehouse management. This dynamic and easy-to-use platform provides your order details that help you create strong and useful promotional stimuli and warehouse automation for service.


  • Helps you save time and money on shipping with special discounts, seamless integration with all well known shopping carts, markets, etc.
  • Powerful shipping automation interrupts individual shipments and eliminates human errors.
  • The option uses email marketing templates, automatically sends emails for processed orders, sends product review requests, and the option to view key metrics in an interactive dashboard.
  • Manage inventory accurately with timely deliveries, match supplier database with products, and so on.

Plus, it's easy to get started and offers specialists to handle custom onboarding and support.

Price: Free trial available; Plans start at $ 29 / month.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessAnother great logistics software on the list, Infoplus simplifies routine tasks at your distribution center, takes care of integrations, billing and other relevant aspects.


  • It takes care of your warehouse functions including inventory, smart filters, building blocks, picking, packing and more.
  • Seamlessly integrates with channel associates, shipping clerks, online store carts, DI, etc.
  • Get functional data with its Report Builder, custom parameters and key notifications.
  • Featuring an advanced console that offers user-defined workflows, building blocks, automation and more.
  • It allows you to deliver data and clarity to 3PL customers, your business management and your teams.

Most importantly, it offers world-class customer service that provides 24/24 live chat functionality.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 695 / month.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessRamco is a unique and assimilated software that performs all transport and warehouse related activities using AI / ML. Easily connecting shareholders to cost savings or smart forecasting, this cloud-based software manages the movement of goods or third-party shipments with elan.


  • Contribute to third-party logistics by creating and managing a powerful and well-controlled supply chain.
  • Check air defense compliance with ease.
  • Oversees a full range of maintenance functions.

Personnel management, advanced technologies to take care of rotorcraft and unified ERP are among its other main features.

Price: Contact the seller for a quote.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessMagaya is another trusted name in the logistics management software category providing complete business solutions for logistics models. The software helps you to carry out all transport related operations, all in one place. It also focuses on a strong goods delivery process.


  • Automatically captures mailing data in seconds.
  • Ability to share shipping data in real time with customers.
  • Automated customer support and visibility tools help keep track of annual transactions.
  • Hosted in the cloud, the software helps reduce IT infrastructure expenses.
  • Help customers connect and exchange data online.

Best of all, it's available as a mobile app and desktop app, as well as online.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 210 / month / user.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessOne of the best cloud-based transport management software doesn't come with a complex framework, so no installation is required, nor does it need to be purchased or managed.


  • Offers greater control over inventory transport and storage with the WMS.
  • Enhance the customer service experience and increase sales using CRM.
  • The Air Freight / Sea Freight / Ground Freight Management System helps you perform mergers or direct deliveries.
  • It integrates perfectly with the professional accounting system.
  • Manages and maintains control over scheduled pickups for local or interstate delivery.
  • Automatically generate prices for all modes of transport.

Above all, the software focuses on better interaction between customer and service provider.

Price: 14-day free trial available; Price available on quote.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessThis is a single platform that helps you with the best carrier prices on a single platform so you can select the right service at the right cost. This is a web-based logistics program that works for multiple carriers.


  • Save money by automatically finding the best rates and services for all your transportation needs.
  • Available in both standard and advanced modes.
  • It helps you to track all your shipments from all goods with one click by evaluating the transport performance at the same time.
  • It allows you to keep tabs on your dashboard on the go.
  • It offers a real-time view of all shipment details and an instant view of everything contained in the shipment.

The option to request withdrawals, create email labels, increase the importance and effectiveness of your brand, encourage seamless international shipping with essential tools, or save time and eliminate errors by saving templates for orders in the future, are among its other significant features.

Price: Plans start at $ 10 / month for low volumes.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessRoseRocket helps you gain complete control over your logistics business by focusing more on your interaction with customers, teams and systems.


  • It offers self-service EDI to easily connect partners and customers.
  • It helps you collaborate with systems and add data to your TMS using its open API.
  • It allows you to connect your TMS with the important programs you need to improve business performance
  • Create triggers based on events and your business workflows.
  • Offers world-class customer support with customer and partner gateways.

Automatic file upload, systems unification via EDI, synchronization of accounting information with QBO apps or linking the cockpit to the digital backend are among its other important features.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 1500.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessCarlo is another great transportation management software on the list that helps you with modern product design, responsive user interface and a real professional platform known for building world-class IT solutions for logistics of different companies.


  • Calculate rates, manage shipments, create freight invoices, plan freight and more.
  • Improve the timing of goods and vehicles and plan tours according to budget.
  • Option to capture shipment details or easily import this data into the Order Management space.
  • The detailed user and role idea helps explain the data and functions comprehensively.
  • It helps you to create all the documents and payment receipts related to the shipment.

From offering a range of tools for detailed data analysis to accessing telematics, CarLo has a lot to offer in transport management.

Price: contact the supplier for quotes.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessAn Australian logistics software, Jaix is ​​known for its services in managing transportation and logistics related matters in a transportation company. From the management of local and national goods to courier and distribution, it provides innovative technologies for all activities related to transport management.


  • It offers complete control through its real-time interface and with GPS console.
  • The software helps you create a run sheet to check barcoded goods, keeping operations informed of any incorrect routes or losses in shipment.
  • Compliant with safe driving plans and checklist.
  • It offers special reference power, automatic report generation, log changes and more.
  • It helps you manage your shipments in real time, all day and all week with different users in control at the same time.

The ability to schedule pickups, integration with GPS tracking and goods tracking, container management or account integration are among its many other features.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 35000.

11 Best Logistics Software to Grow Your Logistics BusinessWhether it's increasing the variety of transportation, improving funds for couriers, preparing invoices or taking care of expenses, Cargo365Cloud takes care of all the important aspects of logistics for its transportation owners.


  • It can be accessed both on the web and on a desktop (Windows).
  • In addition to operations related to logistics, it also deals with transport and the fleet.
  • Hosted on a cloud server, it works with all kinds of carrier models such as full / partial load transportation, 3rd party set-ups and more.
  • The program is available as a SaaS model and as a mobile app.

This next generation ERP like logistics and transportation software manages all aspects of a transportation business including fleet, operations, console, account, backend, reporting and database management.

Price: Contact the seller for a quote.


Having a transport business requires the timely delivery of goods and services to its customers, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction. Good logistics software ensures that it takes care of all shipping-related activities efficiently and in the shortest possible time. So, if you are looking for the best logistics software on the market, our list helps you choose the right one.

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