12 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows PC

12 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows PC

Every person in this world wants to earn profit these days and the means of earning could be anything from starting a business to investing in stocks. Investing is another avenue where people take risks by investing their money in commodities and when the price of the commodity rises, they earn profits.

Cryptocurrency is one such avenue that is rapidly growing in popularity by climbing the currency charts and conquering the exchange rate. While there are a lot of cryptocurrencies these days, Bitcoin is arguably the most popular of them all. Bitcoin mining is another aspect that helps us earn good profits if done correctly.

It is about authenticating blocks on the cryptocurrency blockchain which becomes a reality by processing complex algorithms and problems. Let's see more about Bitcoin mining software.

What is Bitcoin mining software?

Bitcoin mining software is useful:

  • for lone miners: the software can link your Bitcoin miner to the blockchain.
  • for those who mine with a pool: the software connects you to the mining pool.
  • for cloud miners: no mining software is required.

Importance of Using Bitcoin Mining Software

The main purpose of the software is to transmit the work of the mining hardware to the remaining Bitcoin network and collect the work completed by other miners on the network. The software monitors this activity (input and output) of the miner and at the same time projects statistics which include fan speed, miner speed, temperature and hash rate.

Before selecting the Bitcoin mining software of your choice, remember a few things for a successful Bitcoin mining experience:

  • Select the right software
  • Find the best software that meets your needs.
  • Find a way to receive the profits generated by mining.
  • Make sure you want to mine Bitcoin only or other alternatives as well?
  • Double-check the hardware components you own.
  • Analyze your ability to use command prompts that help run programs or the graphical user interface.
  • Start solving the algorithms.

With these things in mind, we have created a list of the best Bitcoin mining software that can help you choose the one that's right for you.

multi miner

12 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows PC

This software is perfect for beginners and for the Windows 10 platform. The software is based on a graphical user interface (GUI) that comes with an easy-to-access front-end. You can also use it with Linux and MacOS, but this will require additional software. The software is specially designed for Bitcoin mining on Windows 10.

As the software is GUI based, it also includes some advanced features. What's interesting is its ease of use. After you have successfully installed the software, MultiMiner guides you on how to connect to a pool the right way.

This also helps by guiding you at the right time to enter any information related to the mining pool you would use. Bonus: all possible complex terms are explained in an easy to understand way.

Once the configuration is complete, the MultiMiner performs a hardware scan. The scan shows the details of each possible device such as the estimated profits you can generate and more. The software can also help you connect to multiple pools at the same time. It can also have the device automatically draw the most profitable coin at any time or search for the ones that offer the lowest complexity.

The software is available for free, but you can choose to share your 1% of the mining profits directly with the developer. This is a donation according to your will, so you can disable the option after sharing the profits for a week or a month.

Get it here: http://www.multiminerapp.com/


12 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows PC

This software focuses on stability and performance with its lean build mining tool. The goal here is to set up the device and forget. All you need to know is how to install it, configure it, and then let it run indefinitely for a day without any human intervention.

Some of the features of MinePeon are:

  • Thin - it is likely that anything not directly associated with mining will not be included.
  • Sure - is designed as an integrated operating system with a focus on stability. The packages offered are fully tested and available in the latest stable versions.
  • Rapid - The software will not detect a CPU cycle stolen from mining. It is not yet fully known how many GHS / s you can connect to a Raspberry PI without the software losing shares.
  • Last - the software is updated with the latest packages and practices.
  • Easy to hack - If you have a better understanding of Linux, you can do just about anything with it.
  • Easy to extract - It is easy to use and perfect for beginners. A beginner can easily set it up and start mining in minutes.

It's open source software, it's free to download, and all source codes are easily available online. However, WinDisk32Imager would be required to function efficiently.

Get it here: https://minepeon.com/

Bitcoin miner

This software is compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. It comes with a user-friendly interface with features like power saving mode, quick share submission, and mining pool support.

One of its best features is its reporting function as this helps you understand if mining is profitable for you or not. Bitcoin Miner is available in its latest version -

Get it here: http://www.bitcoinminer.com/


12 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows PC

If you are an advanced computer user then CGMiner is the right tool for you. It is based on Linux, coded entirely in the C programming language, based on the former popular mining software, CPUMiner, and one of the most commonly used Bitcoin mining software. This means that it works with almost all operating systems.

It uses an easy to use command line interface and provides assistance to different mining pools and devices. Keyboard commands help you easily change settings such as fan speed, etc. But since it doesn't use a GUI, it's more suitable for advanced users.

It also allows you to use GPU and CPU with it. That said, it can be a bit complex to install on the Windows 10 operating system due to the antivirus and Windwos Defender blocks.

Get it here: https://github.com/ckolivas/cgminer


It is almost similar to the CGMiner. However, the difference is that BFGMiner is developed to be used with ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits) instead of supporting CPU and GPU. This makes it a perfect situation for mining all cryptocurrencies (including Bitcoin) that are not ASIC proof. It is equally ideal for currencies that use SHA256 mining data.

It is compatible with operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux. You can also customize the mining hardware which includes remote interface operation, fan speed control, and overclocking. It helps you connect to several mining pools at the same time and even stops connecting to pools that are unreachable for any known reason. Not only does this help save electricity bills, it will also save money when the tool cannot connect to a pool to generate revenue.

BFGMiner isn't entirely text-based like CGMiner but it's definitely easy to use. The interface is intuitive and the hotkeys offer a quick and smooth experience when accessing certain functions. But if you don't have a lot of experience with command prompts, it's not for you.

Get it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/bfgminer/

bit miner

BitMiner is known to use a certain mining pool that easily has the same name. It is easy to set up software that claims to make Bitcoin mining simple with higher earnings.

Most importantly, it is supported on all platforms like Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Since it uses its own pool for Bitcoin mining, all you have to do is join the pool and install the software, and that's it!

The software is completely free, however, you have to pay a 1% commission to the BitMiner pool for mining with them. That said, this is the lowest mining pool fee out of any software.

Get it here: https://bitminer.io/

RPC miner

It is a remote pooling client miner for Bitcoin, also known as a puddinpop miner after the author's forum name. It has four main managed binary clients:

  • CPU miner
  • 4-way CPU Miner
  • OpenCL miner for ATI GPU
  • CUDA miner for Nvidia GPUs

It is defined as an experimental and decentralized digital currency that allows quick payments to anyone, anywhere in the world. You can mine Bitcoin or several other cryptocurrencies by generating and configuring automated methods and situations in the dedicated tool.

It is compatible with Mac OS 10.6 or higher platform. Version 1.5 of the Mac software can be downloaded for free from the official website. The software integrates with system settings to operate in the background and improve resource utilization.

It is known that it uses peer-to-peer technology to work without any central control that includes managing transactions and distributing money collectively across the network.

Get it here: https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/RPC_Miner

Cloud mining software for Bitcoin

There are some mining software that is fully supported by the cloud and not by Windows, Mac or Linux. These can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Being on the cloud, these software can run on platforms which makes them different. However, these software are also less secure than the usual software and this is only because they are based on cloud servers and are therefore more prone to security threats.


It offers SHA-256 mining contracts and usually turns out to be much more profitable since coins (SHA-256) can be conveniently mined even while payments are made automatically in Bitcoin. However, the user must purchase at least 10GH / s.

Get it here: https://hashflare.io/

Genesis Mining

He is advertised to be the biggest Bitcoin player among cloud mining software. It offers several services, for example, it provides three payment plans, and all three of these plans are reasonably priced. That's not all, as it also offers Zcash mining contracts for users.

Get it here: https://www.genesis-mining.com/


This software started with the mining process in 2012 for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Today they have many services related to cryptocurrencies and cloud mining software is among them. Hashing24 operates from two locations, namely Iceland and Georgia, and they are known to use the latest ASIC chips manufactured by BitFury. This allows them to carry out the highest level of performance and efficiency possible.

Get it here: https://hashing24.com/

So, start your Bitcoin mining today and earn generous profits on your investments you've always dreamed of.

easy miner

12 Best Bitcoin Mining Software for Windows PC

This is another reliable software with great performance. EasyMiner also comes with an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate GUI that works great even for beginners. It allows you to change your network settings, change the mining pool you are using, and even view your crypto wallets with a single click.

The software automatically enters “MoneyMaker” mode the first time it is started and almost immediately creates a Litecoin wallet and starts mining with the help of your computer's CPU on a private pool. Besides the fact that it goes well with CPU and GPU, EasyMiner is also capable of mining cryptocurrencies with the help of advanced hardware.

Check the function of CGMiner and CPUMiner at the same time, which indicates that your CPU or GPU will emphasize Litecoin and the ASIC will focus on Litecoin.

Get it here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/easyminer/


It is a free and open source Bitcoin Miner. It is intended for ZTEX 1.5 USB-FPGA modules. Some of the features of BTCMiner are as follows:

  • It comes with the advanced dynamic rate scaling feature where the software automatically detects the rate that has the most valid hashes.
  • It also features ready-to-use Bitstream which means it doesn't require Xilinx software or any license for mine.

That's not all, as it is also accompanied by FPGA boards consisting of a USB interface which aids in programming and communication.

Get it here: https://www.ztex.de/downloads/

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