12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

Gone are the days of using a printed calendar to keep track of important days, festivals or activities. Several changes later, over the years, the calendar is now an app. You no longer have to follow a paper or desk calendar because life is now about smartphones and laptops.

You can follow the built-in calendar on your devices or download an app for advanced features. In short, it's a lot cheaper these days, but yeah, you still need a calendar. Now you can do a lot more with these calendar apps. We particularly like the sleek look, the added features, and the customization options. Since Windows is the highly used platform around the world, we have listed some of the best calendar apps for Windows for your convenience.

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

For those using a Windows PC, Microsoft Corporation's Mail and Calendar is one of the recommended calendar apps. It's a lightweight app that doesn't take up as much space as Outlook. It is a standalone app and therefore does not need to be installed separately as an Office package.

This app keeps you up to date on your emails, helps you manage your schedule and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Whether you are working from the office or from home, this app is perfect for quick communication. It also helps you focus on the main aspects of all your accounts. It is compatible with popular accounts like Gmail, Office 365, Outlook.com and others.

Price: Free Download

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

Efficient Calendar helps you manage your time efficiently, using the Calendar, Tasks and Events modules. It comes with a responsive interface where the main features are on the left end of the calendar. It also offers multiple calendar views (day, week, month and year) along with the list view which helps you keep track of your appointments and events.

It is an easy to sync app that helps you sync your PCs and mobile phones in just 4 simple steps. Among its other features are a powerful document that allows you to save your comments for ant activities or events, option to set priorities for events and activities, a regular reminder about preset events or activities and a Recycle Bin (with backup functionality and restore) where you can delete your old and unusable data.

Price: free version available; the upgrade starts at $ 27,96

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

Google Calendar is a super easy free app to use without compromising on functionality. The interface has a simple layout where everything is well organized. Quickly add calendar events or advanced events with just a few key strokes. Plus, send repeated reminders so you don't miss important events and activities.

Some of its other great features include,

  • Ability to send emails and messages to yourself;
  • Ability to update the priority of certain events (free or busy);
  • Ability to share your calendars with each other;
  • Ability to sync with any app on your system;
  • Absolutely free.

Plus, you don't even need to check if your spouse is busy or your friends have a trip planned. Simply download Google Calendar and stay informed at all times without hassle.

Price: free

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

Another great free calendar app is Mine Time which is easy to set up and simple. All you have to do is connect to the service accounts and voila! You can install this app or even update it, with just one click. The best part is that it integrates with all other calendars on the device, such as Google Calendar, Outlook.com, Exchange, iCloud, and all CalDAV services. So, you can have all calendars in one place.

Plus, you can also view insights that show stats on how many times you've met with your colleagues in the last few months, or how many times an event's date has been changed, and more. Responsive interface allows you to schedule events or perform actions easily. This cross-platform app learns your daily habits and preferences using AI. Best of all, all of this is available for free!

Price: free

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

Microsoft Outlook is more than just email. It also integrates calendar along with contacts, tasks and more, all under one roof. The calendar function allows you to stay organized more conveniently. From booking conference rooms to monitoring RSVPs for meetings, all of this is possible right from your calendar.

You can also share calendars that help you make plans and sync schedules, and even view the availability of your colleagues. Plus, it offers enterprise-wide security and protects your sensitive data by working around the clock. Most importantly, your travel plans and invoice due dates are automatically filled in by the calendar and send you regular reminders so you don't miss out on the your important events.

Price: 30-day free trial available; The upgrade starts at $ 70 / year / PC

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

My Calendar from Microsoft, is one of the best calendar applications for Windows. It's a pretty new app and it's already doing well in terms of popularity. It comes loaded with several categories that allow you to customize calendar views, offers live tile format viewing, allows you to add photos to birthdays, and manage tasks.

Among its other main features are:

  • View the calendar by day, week and month;
  • Option to quickly switch between calendar views to view the chosen day in multiple views;
  • View birthdays, holidays and other special events;
  • It also allows you to view the name days in the calendar;
  • Several customization options available to view the calendar;
  • Doesn't show ads;
  • Improved calendar view with weekly grid view;
  • Allows you to select from multiple live cards;
  • It offers the possibility to manage the activities;
  • It allows you to choose visible calendars from all calendars available on your system.

Internal birthday calendars are optimized and you can now add photos to birthdays within the calendar.

Price: free

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

Lightning Calendar is a Mozilla project that helps you stay organized with your schedules and other important events in life. The calendar is fully assimilated to your Thunderbird or Seamonkey email. You can easily manage different calendars, create your own to-do list, send an invitation to friends for special events, and even subscribe to public calendars using this calendar app.

Price: free and open source

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

One Calendar is one of the simplest and most intuitive calendar apps out there, which is why it's so popular. Offered by Microsoft, this app allows you to add all your calendars in one place under a compact and good-looking calendar option. What's more? It is also extremely customizable. Among its main features are:

  • Provides a primary platform where you can view Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Exchange, Facebook events, and more, all in one place;
  • Bring all your calendars under one roof;
  • Allows you to view and manage any appointments, events and programs so as not to miss important events;
  • Allows you to filter the appointments you want to view, without problems;
  • You can add, update and remove appointments, according to your needs;
  • It allows you to filter and search for what you are looking for, quickly;
  • Offers multiple views such as Day, Week, Month and Year;
  • The data stored on the device is protected;
  • It allows you to work in offline mode without the need for an Internet connection;
  • Compatible with several Google and Office365 calendars;
  • It offers customizable colors, week numbers, themes, live tile format, print option and drag and drop functionality.

Price: free version available; premium version available for $ 4,99

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

If you are looking for a simple app, but with loaded features, Hope Calendar can be a great choice. What we particularly like is that no fine adjustment is required in the device settings as it simply blends in with the current settings for the calendar and perspectives. Some of its other features are:

  • Simple and uncluttered layout that offers everything you want to see at a glance;
  • Compatibility with other apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Yahoo, Exchange, Office 365 and iCloud;
  • Offers a heat map that lets you see the busiest days in a quick glance;
  • It allows you to view your future appointments in a simple live tile format;
  • Ease to easily get an attractive picture of your upcoming days in a diary view;
  • Ability to view up to five appointments in a large live tile format;
  • Allows you to easily add appointments by simply double clicking or skipping to the current day with one click and hold;
  • Option to hide appointments or get a quick view of hidden appointments when required.

The best part is that it uses your current calendars and therefore doesn't need to be set up separately. Also, your personal data never goes to servers.

Price: free version available; pro version available for $ 2,49

12 best free calendar apps for Windows 10

If you are looking for a calendar that focuses more on looks, then it must be the Chronos + Calendar. It's a chic calendar app with a host of features while still maintaining its elegance. It is packed with cool features and also provides integration with all calendars on your device.

Provides support for multiple languages ​​(more than 30) and offers holiday fixes for different countries. In addition, you can also customize the calendar in rich live tile format and also the appearance of the calendar. What's more? It also offers integrated holidays and other different special days for more than 70 countries, which is unique in itself.

Explore the mineral with zodiac signs and moon phases. The smart add functionality and the ability to see the calendar in multiple views are some of the other main features to look for.

Price: $ 2,49

Schedule Tile lives up to its name by helping you add your courses and lessons with specified start and end times. You can also add the name of the place and the teacher and keep a tab on your courses and lesson times effectively. The main screen shows the lessons scheduled for today. You can change the setting to view the previous lessons for today.

Once the app launches, it displays a live tile showing today's lessons. Through the AppBar you can access the Course page and here you can add, remove, modify both lessons and courses. Semantic zoom allows you to easily find and open courses. You can also access the lesson with a weekly view from the home screen. Here you can view the lessons divided by days.

Price: free

With a fast and busy schedule these days, it's easy to forget your important events and miss out on special days with friends or family. Download one of these popular calendar apps and never miss an appointment at work or with loved ones.

The event calendar, as the name suggests, is specially designed to keep track of event dates. For example, you can easily track important events like wedding, party, birthday, holiday and so on easily by using this app. It sends you regular notifications, keeping you alert until the event approaches. This app basically doesn't let you forget about upcoming events and even create a schedule for them.

Among its other features are:

  • Ability to add different events and save them in the cloud;
  • Ability to view notifications;
  • Receive desktop notification with toast notification option;
  • It allows you to save an unlimited number of events on the cloud;
  • Protect your sensitive information from unidentified access.

Price: free

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