13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

One of the best things that ever happened in technology was the invention of email. Since the introduction of email, connecting with people has become as easy as child's play. It has become a major form of communication around the world as cell phone rates were not yet affordable for everyone to make calls abroad. Gradually email has become one of the preferred ways of communicating inside or outside an organization for business purposes and hasn't looked back since.

Today it is essential to have an e-mail function in the smartphone to keep business communication active while on the move. However, e-mail is not easy to manage. Sort out your important emails, respond to emails on time, delete the ones you don't need such as spam or promotional emails, unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, and of course manage those property donation emails from some overseas prince can be totally disconcerting.

However, to handle this problem, many companies have introduced desktop email clients. With Windows being the most widely used operating system, there is more demand for desktop email clients for the platform. There are many desktop email clients that make it difficult to select the best one. We have selected some of the best especially for you. Read on ..

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

Mailbird 2.0, an award-winning email client for Windows, is clearly a favorite on the list with its well-organized tools that work with all major email providers out there. It is lightweight software that does not slow down your system. Most importantly, it can be customized to make it look the way you want.

One of its main features is that it allows you to use multiple mailboxes at the same time. You can access all of these mailboxes at the same time and they allow you to access your inboxes in the exact conditions your web mailbox is organized in.

Mailbird makes the most of panoramic screens by offering a calendar view. It also offers support for several third-party apps, namely Facebook, WhatsApp Web, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and more. What we particularly like about this email client is its “Undo Send” feature, which is rare.

Price: free version available; $ 29,50 for a lifetime subscription

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

The best part of Microsoft Outlook is that it comes already bundled with most Office 365 plans. However, for advanced features you can purchase the paid version. The cool thing is that MS Outlook supports almost all known email services in this way, helping you to manage all your email addresses in one place.

It also includes features like calendar and task integration, along with many other editable inbox rules to help keep you up to date. You can also access many other features such as setting notification sounds when you receive a message from a specific person containing certain keywords or automatically moving an email to a folder when you receive it from a specific address. This feature helps you manage your work and personal emails separately from each other.

Price: free version available; ca. $ 130

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

Although development of Thunderboard ceased in 2012, its maintenance updates are still up and running. An update to the stable version was released this year showing it is not dead yet. Existing clients will not receive any new features, but the email client can still be used.

Best of all, Thunderbird is the only absolutely free and open source desktop email client. It is the only free email client that deserves to be on the list. It's the best solution for those who don't want to switch to the web-based client. Bonus: Comes with a wide variety of plug-ins, it's simple and stable.

Price: free, open source

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

It's a Windows app that lets you stay up to date with your emails, stay in touch with the people you care about, and even manage your schedule - all at the same time and in one place. The Mail and Calendar app is developed exclusively for home and business users.

One of its biggest benefits is that this app helps you communicate quickly with your connections and allows you to focus on what's most essential for all of your email accounts. Most importantly, it supports all major email accounts like Office 365, Exchange, Outlook.com, Gmail, Yahoo! and so on.

Price: free

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

eM Client is known for its customization options which include options for behavior and appearance. It also provides support for email services like Outlook, Exchange, Gmail and iCloud. It is a complete solution that helps you manage office activities and communications at the same time. In addition to being an email client, it also comes with a built-in calendar, contact organization, chat support, and task management functionality.

It comes with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to import old messages from other services. Additionally, a specially designed sidebar displays message and attachment history along with a plan consisting of any crucial dates with a specific contact.

The app has released a new update that offers PGP password support for those who want to send encrypted emails along with the live backup. This will now work alongside your work within the app.

Price: free version available; $ 50 for one-time purchase

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

Nylas Mail, which closed in August 2017, was relaunched as Mailspring by one of its original developers. To keep the software running, it has improved many of the internal components which lead to faster synchronization, reduce RAM usage, fast boot times and so on.

Being open source software, Mailspring is a great Thunderbird alternative, especially if you're looking for something fresh, exciting, and full of potential for the future. Although it is free for an unlimited period, for some advanced features you will purchase the subscription.

Some of its main features are support for email services like Yahoo, IMAP, Gmail, FastMail, iCloud and Office 365, infinite email accounts and consolidated inbox, unsubscribe of emails sent within a period of time and support for pre-designed themes, emojis and layouts.

Price: free version available; Upgrade available at $ 8 / month

13 best free desktop email clients for Windows

With a single mailbox for all accounts, Postbox is an elegant Mozilla Thunderbird that certainly stands out for its practicality. It is a simple, clear and powerful email client that offers easy management, quick search and an aesthetically designed user interface. Additionally, it is known for its flexible email templates and social media integration.

Most importantly, it retains some traits of Mozilla Thunderbird, while some features like self-learning automation, task management, or social media platforms have yet to be explored. What we like about Postbox is that it offers a complete email experience, as it groups emails intelligently and helps with free-form topics that help you organize your emails and focus on them.

Price: $ 40 for new customers and $ 28 for upgrading from the old version

It may not be the best email client for Windows, but it helps you sync your WebMail and other accounts. While it automatically downloads all unread emails from your inbox, it gives you the ability to organize emails based on colored priorities. It can also organize email messages by attachment type.

What we like about Opera Mail is that it's free and built on Mozilla code, which makes it somewhat similar to Thunderbird in its look and performance. The user interface is intuitive and has a clean look that makes it convenient for the customer. Also, after some use, Opera automatically collects the right messages for the right folders based on the last use. This helps you do away with manual email sorting and rather filter it comfortably.

Price: Free for Windows

If you are looking for a free and open source desktop email client, Zimbra Desktop can be a great choice. It has been around for some time and has undergone major changes. Despite the changes, it still remains the best in its class.

Among its many features are the ability to synchronize with multiple email services, the ability to work without Internet connectivity, and most importantly, it works on all major platforms such as Linux, Windows 10 and Mac OS.

We particularly like its tabbed layout which helps you organize your emails easily and offers useful tools like calendar, briefcase, contacts and tasks that help you keep going all day. It also allows you to create your own add-ons called Zimlets or select them from a group of current options.

Price: free

Available for all major platforms, Sylpheed has been an active email client in the industry since 2001. While it may not be on par with modern email clients, it is still a viable option for many. Its outdated interface and approach to email layout are quite useful.

The best part about Sylpheed is that it knows it is an email client and therefore offers services for just that. It comes with no added frills that don't fit, just bloat the setup and mess up the interface. This email client is simple, easy to use, lightweight and full of features.

Price: free

If you're scratching your head with an overloaded inbox often enough, then The Bat! The professional email client works perfectly for you. It is known for offering a wide range of inbox management tools. Setup is pretty easy3, and adding your email accounts that work on POP3, MAPI, and IMAP4 is just as easy.

It is a secure desktop email client that protects your data through multiple encryption streams, with the ability to keep all information encrypted on your disk. It also helps secure emails while communicating with the help of E2EE (end-to-end encryption). Plus, it can be done without the help of global email providers who store your messages in the cloud, where they can be dangerous. The bat! protects your emails by keeping them on your computer, thus making them private.

It blocks malicious codes and tracks the pixels spreading through email and this protects your data from email hackers.

Price: Free download available; The upgrade starts at $ 42,22

TouchMail for Windows is designed for those with touch-enabled laptops or tablets. It is primarily designed with Windows 8+ in mind. It supports all accounts, webmail and more.

The interesting thing is that the emails are color-coded in the layout of the live cards which you can scroll to the end of the inbox. It offers the ability to pinch the zoom which helps you to adjust the number of tiles you can see at the same time. You can easily switch between small icons and previews of up to 4 messages at the same time.

You can use the button in the upper right corner of the pane to switch between touch and input devices. You can find a list of unread messages organized by the sender as you move up from the bottom of the screen.

Price: $ 6,99 for in-app purchase

Claws Mail has an old-time user interface and therefore is very simple. Despite its simplicity, it's a powerful app optimized for advanced users who are savvy enough to set things up on their own. You can add an infinite number of email accounts, however, you have to do it yourself.

It is known for tracking and fixing bugs quickly. Also, it updates quite regularly. Most importantly, it takes up a minimal amount of PC memory and processing power, which is a big plus for your systems. Bonus: Plugins like SapmAssasin are some of the useful tools the app offers.

There are other email clients for Windows such as Hiri, FileOne or Seamonkey, but the ones listed above are certainly the best and very popular due to their efficiency. So, grab your favorite email client today and easily sort your emails.

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