14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

Although we are heavily dependent on computer technology these days, things can go wrong when hardware fails. Whether for personal or business use, a PC or laptop is an important requirement in today's times. This is where we store most of our data such as photos, videos, music and other confidential files. So when your system crashes (which is quite common due to hard drive failure), it can get really frustrating.

Data loss can be disastrous, especially if it is related to your business. The only thing that can protect you from such misfortunes is backing up your important data using reliable backup software. Yes, backing up your system data is not such a pleasant process as it takes time, but it can prove to be really useful in the long run. Furthermore, you are also protected from nasty cyber threats like ransomware. So, one fine day, if you wake up to a cybercrime, but if your data is backed up, you know it's still safe.

In this post, we have listed some of the best Windows backup software that are a must for every Windows PC.

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

Easus Todo Backup is another great software that allows users to backup crucial files or the entire system using its well-organized interface. It is an intuitive software especially suited to home users that allows them to back up their photos, videos, music and other private documents.

Above all, it's free. Among its other features are:

  • A responsive interface;
  • Smart backup that helps users with automatic backup as soon as changes are made to the chosen files;
  • Automatic backup option for PCs and laptops as soon as a new version is available;
  • One-click system backup and restore;
  • Backup and restore for files and folders that also include network data;
  • Safe and complete backup and efficient mode;
  • Automatic deletion and overwriting of old photos;
  • GPT disk backup, cloning and recovery.

Setting the priority, splitting and compressing images, transferring one hard drive to another, backing up CD / DVD, etc. They are some of the other noteworthy features of the software.

Price: free version available; The Pro version starts at $ 39

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

If you are looking for an absolute backup tool for your home PC, Acronis True Image 2019 can be a great solution. From backing up all the images to your PC or backing up any files you want to store on an FTP server or flash drive, this software offers all the features you would expect from reliable backup software.

In addition, it also offers scripts and guides on how to completely uninstall. Most importantly, it stores the exact data capture on Windows. Furthermore, it is cross-platform software that works with all major software.

Price: Starting at $ 49,99

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

Paragon Backup and Recovery is one of the best backup software for Windows that offers hassle-free system backup and data. From saving data, to automating the backup process or creating complex backup procedures, it offers all the basic features of a normal backup software.

Among its other main features are:

  • Business-class technologies such as, proven and proven backup engine or state-of-the-art PVHD backup archive;
  • Effective backup plans designed to promptly set up and execute automated backup processes;
  • Convenient for restoring all disks, systems, partitions or individual files;
  • It offers WinPE-based recovery media that help with a useful tool that allows them to perform multiple tasks using a bootable flash drive.

With a full range of backup and recovery solutions, Paragon protects hardware by helping users perform complex tasks effortlessly.

Price: free version available; pro version available for $ 49,95

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

The crash plan is specially designed for small business which prevents them from losing important business data. It helps them to backup and restore files from all their devices which also includes data recovery from external hard drives.

The best part is that it offers an automated backup schedule, so the backup process continues in the background without any interruption and without any human assistance. Bonus: Allows users to use the customized 448-bit encryption code offered by the user to encrypt backup information stored in the cloud. In addition, users can also set multiple destinations to save the backup data. Furthermore, the software updates only that modified section of the file, saving time and bandwidth.

Price: 30-day free trial available; pro version available for $ 10 / PC / month

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

The StorageCraft ShadowProtect 5 desktop claims to be the best at offering reliable data protection and disaster recovery. It is one of the fastest and safest ways to recover data and restore systems. With this software, companies get a single cross-platform solution that safeguards a mixed hybrid environment.

The software ensures that business systems and related data are fully protected from any disaster. Help users meet or exceed recovery times and recovery point goals. Above all, it helps to recover lost files and failed servers easily. What's more? Using Virtual Boot technology, users can backup photos to a virtual machine.

Price: Starting at $ 395

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

If you are looking for free backup software, Comodo Backup is one of the best solutions you can rely on. From data and file backup, to online storage offering, to automatic recovery to scheduling, you can expect all the basic backup and restore options from this software. As a primary function, it helps users back up their data online by protecting files and allowing them to be accessed from any system.

It comes with a utility that analyzes all user data and sorts it into file format for convenient backup. In addition, all user backups are saved in the form of custom profiles, while they can be managed at any time with a single click. Burning backup data to optical media or performing disk clones and partitions are some of the other features of Comodo Backup.

Price: 10GB of free online storage for backups; after 10 GB $ 10,99

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

AEMEI Backupper Standard / Professional software is a complete solution for Windows designed for home and business use. It is a fast software and undoubtedly one of the most reliable. This simple backup software includes all the basic features of efficient backup software with full backup support and restore function for disks / files / systems / partitions.

It also offers support for file synchronization and system cloning, along with backup scheduling, combined images, active volume backups, etc. Secure backup of all data in PC (disks, systems, separate files and partitions), full recovery and chosen file recovery, step by step operating system transfer, hard drive upgrade without Windows installation, useful utility package (prepackaged tool, creation of bootable disks, combination of backup images, etc.), support for multiple languages ​​or real-time file synchronization, are some of the main features of this software.

Price: free version available; the upgrade starts at $ 49,95

14 Best Backup Software for Windows 10

Are you looking for a reliable and efficient backup solution for your Windows PC? Macrium Reflect is one such software that not only helps you backup confidential data and files, but also offers disk imaging and cloning solutions. From protecting your data or trying a new operating system to upgrade your hard drive, the software ensures that all information is securely stored in a backup file that can be easily restored.

Among its advantages are:

  • Option to mount backups that can be accessed in Windows Explorer to search for files and copy them again;
  • Allows direct booting to the recovery domain using the recovery boot menu;
  • Progressive backup and capable programmer.

Price: 30-day free trial available; starts at $ 69

NTI Backup Now 6 has been in business since 1995 and has proven its capabilities in the industry quite efficiently ever since. NTI Backup Now comes with a wide range of products that are fast, reliable and easy to use. The products offer backups for social media, mobile phones, clouds, PCs, files and folders, and come with cleanup utilities as well.

Advanced versions provide support for NVMe SSD, cloning of flash drives or SD / MMC / eMMC devices, and UAS / UASP interfaces. Continuous backup, cloud backup / restore, file and PC backup / restore, are some of the main features of these products.

Price: Free trial available; the pro version starts at $ 29,99

Genie Timeline Free / Home 9 is simple and easy software that comes with an equally easy to use interface. It is easy to install and can be configured according to your preferences. Users can set up the backup in two simple steps. Plus, it automatically removes garbage to save space. Among its other main features are:

  • View the protection level showing the health of the backup;
  • gradual recovery;
  • Fast and light with quick backups running in the background;
  • Offers the smart mode to improve the speed of your computer;
  • Provides backup in turbo mode when the computer is idle;
  • Automatic backup function that works when you need it;
  • Automatically resumes after pauses or disconnections;
  • It allows you to monitor backup integrity on the go.

Most importantly, it backs up all important data on your PC or any external or network drive.

Price: free version available; pro version $ 44,96

O&O DiskImage 14 Professional is another great backup software that allows you to stay updated regularly with the O&O newsletter. Using this software, you can backup an entire system or several files and drives according to your needs. The best part is that you can even backup while your PC is in use. Backups are restored further in just a few clicks even if Windows doesn't boot.

The interesting thing is that the software is packed with features for both personal users and IT professionals in one product. You can use various default and user-defined options to create the most suitable backup environment. Bonus: It also lets you create an external drive using your PC's copy and bootable media.

Price: 30-day free trial available; $ 49,95

If you're looking for easy-to-use backup software, then there couldn't be better competition than the free Easis Drive Cloning. While the free version includes features such as disk cloning, hard drive image creation and drive image rewriting, the pro version offers features like, high disk image compression, bad sector read back function, and 'option to reduce image size to real partitions.

Price: free version available; starts at $ 19

NovaBACKUP professional is one of the leading backup software for Windows operating system. It comes with comprehensive backup security features that include high-quality software, efficient technical support, and free upgrades to current versions. It is a simple yet dynamic software with automatic backup functionality that does not require an IT specialist to manage it. Its product range offers comprehensive backup capabilities that allow you to choose between file-level or image-level backups, so you can back up a single file or your entire PC.

It offers local and online backup and file synchronization. And best of all, it is 4 times faster than its competitors. Among its new added features are built-in P2V support and multi-threaded backup and recovery. In addition, it turns off automatically even after the backup is finished.

Price: Free trial available; the pro version starts at $ 59,94

Duplicates is a completely free backup software that helps save online encrypted backups for Windows and other major platforms. It works with the usual protocols like FTP, WebDAV, SSH and well known devices like MS One Drive, Google Drive, hubiC, Amazon Cloud Drive and S3 and others.

Designed specifically for online backups from the start, Duplicati comes with strong encryption that protects your privacy. It offers all the functionality of any other backup software and is configured from the web interface which runs in any browser.

Price: free

Backing up your PC is one of the most important activities that should be your top priority. This will ensure that your PC is always at peak performance while your crucial data is backed up. So, buy powerful backup software today and improve your PC performance.

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