15 best t-shirt design software and tools

15 best t-shirt design software and tools

Think about it and nowadays there is software for every purpose. Yes, there is also a T-shirt design software. Whether you want to gift someone a custom t-shirt or expand your wardrobe, t-shirt design software can help you make your ideas a reality.

Indeed, of these software are available in abundance these days, therefore, it can become overwhelming to choose the right software that delivers great results. From focusing on different aspects of the design to offering printing options, these programs offer different functionality.

To help you finalize the right tools that fit your needs, we've handpicked some of the best t-shirt design software of 2019.

15 best t-shirt design software and tools

Although Adobe Illustrator is a full-fledged vector graphics editing software, it can also be used to design t-shirts. To design a t-shirt, you need to download the Adobe Creative Cloud mobile app.
  • Offers practice files to get started designing with the new version of Illustrator CC.
  • It helps you draw basic shapes using the built-in tools.
  • Ability to create new shapes by joining paths.
  • It allows you to resize shapes, create duplicates and even position them.

You can complete the design by adding bold headlines, adjusting colors and customizing shapes.

Price: Free trial available; upgrade priced at $ 20,10.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsPhotoshop is the preferred choice for any creative project that includes photo editing, animation, digital painting, and more.


  • It offers a range of professional photo tools for regular editing or full image conversion on all desktops and iPads.
  • It provides you with endless masks and layers, brushes and more.
  • Your work is automatically saved to the cloud regardless of your location.
  • It allows you to work comfortably on your iPad.
  • The option to design with the object selection tool and the rest is completed by Adobe Sensei.
  • Ability to add control points at any position or split the image using a customizable grid.

Easy editing of document settings, access to all variety of layer settings, easy presets, better layout or more responsiveness are among its other main features.

Price: Free trial available; upgrade available at $ 20,10.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsPlaceit allows you to design your own custom t-shirts using its large database of smart templates. It allows you to create logos, videos, designs and templates in seconds.


  • Featuring first-class branding and marketing tools that enable all individuals and businesses to develop beautiful visuals for their brands.
  • It allows you to easily create intricate designs.
  • It offers a large collection of resources that meet all your needs.
  • Ability to edit logos, videos, design templates and mockups with a couple of clicks.

Also, to use this software, you don't need to be an expert in design. It offers a wide range of logos, specially designed templates and the ability to create and edit interesting videos right from the browser.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 14,95 / month.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsCreating and selling your designed products online becomes a breeze with Printful. This print-on-demand and order fulfillment service helps your designs print and ship according to your demand and branded.


  • It allows you to design, print, ship and sell in simple steps.
  • It allows you to keep your stock in their warehouse and orders are fulfilled by Printful.
  • From Shopify or Wix.com to Squarespace and more, it integrates with a wide range of ecommerce platforms.
  • Ships from five fulfillment centers.
  • Allows you to place unlimited orders and they are automatically imported into the software for shipping.

The software prints and ships all of your brand orders with your labels, packaging and other branding choices.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 7 / product based on customization and specifications.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsThose looking for a free and open source graphics editor can find help with GIMP. This cross-platform image editor is perfect for graphic designers, scientists, illustrators, and even photographers.


  • It provides all the essential tools for high quality image manipulation.
  • Offers the ability to create icons, graphic designs and art.
  • It offers a high quality framework for scripted graphics with multilingual support such as Python, C, C ++, etc.
  • Ensures high fidelity color creation on all digital and printed media with high quality color management features.

Most importantly, GIMP integrates with a wide range of programming languages ​​including Python, Perl, Scheme, and so on.

Price: free and open source.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsThis graphic design software offers all the professional vector graphics, layouts and tools for photo editing and design to help you work faster and smarter.


  • Allows direct control over the document structure with Object Docker.
  • Makes all images pixel perfect with an improved pixel workflow.
  • Allows you to apply, edit and experiment with bitmap effects by destroying the source object / image.
  • Offers a wide range of updated models.
  • It allows you to create projects on the go, store them in the cloud, and easily import and export them in all major formats.

Its other important features include illustration tools, tools for creating brochure layouts, options for enhancing and retouching photos with Photo-Paint, full set of typography tools, web graphics tools, and more.

Price: Free trial available; Contact the supplier for a quote.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsRushOrderTees is another great online t-shirt design software that allows you to design your own custom t-shirts, effortlessly and in no time. You can decorate hundreds of t-shirts with your logo.


  • It specializes in urgent deliveries and offers a 100% deadline guarantee.
  • It offers free shipping, competitive rates, and high quality products.
  • Wide range of high quality designs at reasonable prices and fast turnaround times.
  • Overhauls and repairs for every order placed by internal professionals.

Best of all, the software has you covered for any number of orders and any deadline.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 19,86 for five pieces.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsInkXE is a specialized online tool for designing t-shirts, apparel, signs, flyers, business cards, and more. It features an elegant designer app interface with strong administrative support.


  • Provides support for all types of printing industries.
  • It offers a range of tools to customize products online such as shape, size, color or sides.
  • Ability to select different product features such as size, color, materials, etc., edit images, upload graphics in any format and in variable data printouts.
  • It allows you to order products in custom sizes, import images from social media, remove the white color from the background, and more.

From automatic warning for low resolution uploaded image or automatic uploaded image conversion to text editing options or graphic templates, the software has a lot to offer.

Price: Plans start at $ 2499.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsDesignAShirt is an online t-shirt design solution from which you can print your own custom t-shirts and have them shipped to you. Go to the gallery of ideas, create a custom t-shirt and leave the rest to the program.


  • It offers a quicker and easier method of designing T-shirts.
  • It allows you to design t-shirts in three quick steps and a couple of clicks.
  • It offers access to clip art inserts to anyone wishing to design a custom shirt.
  • Provides vibrant colors (for both images and text) to choose from and apply them to any t-shirt.

It's an affordable way to design t-shirts from the comfort of your home and easy for anyone to use.

Price: Get a quote from a supplier based on the design.


FatPaint, one of the most advanced online graphics editing software in the world, offers assistance with page layouts and the design of 3D text and logos. It is lightweight and comes with a wide range of tools and resources.


  • Equipped with a vector image editor, a photo editor, and an advanced page layout feature.
  • Loaded with thousands of built-in fonts, vector clip art, images and brushes.
  • It offers many settings such as different light options, camera positions, etc.

What's more, you can also create cool looking 3D text graphics just by choosing a 3D model.

Price: free

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsSnaptee is another t-shirt design brand that allows you to easily create your own t-shirts. What's more? Now you can design t-shirts on your mobile too.


  • It comes packed full of tools to help you design, order and sell professional looking, uniquely designed T-shirts.
  • Ability to choose from clever design templates or create your own designs.
  • The Remix feature helps you redefine the designs you like.
  • Ability to share your projects on social media.

Plus, it lets you link photo albums or Instagram for image inspiration, add a custom filter, select your favorite font, or change the color.

Price: Pricing starts at $ 19,99 for your designs.

15 best t-shirt design software and toolsGraffixPro Studio is built to simplify the personalization system that helps you deliver according to customer needs, while optimizing your profits. Furthermore, there is no learning curve and therefore even a beginner can use it effortlessly.


  • It allows you to import names and numbers to generate professionally customized clothing.
  • It features a simple interface that offers exact color matching.
  • Offers more than 40 popular fonts.
  • Ability to create graphic template files to easily edit later.
  • The Quote Generator helps you create quotes with purchase costs, custom graphics, and more.
  • Manage the orders sent from the order page.

Additionally, it allows you to scan and send designs to your machine, track inventory by style, color and size, or eliminate extended setup times, are some of its other significant features.

Price: free version available; contact the supplier for a quote.

If you are looking for efficient and reliable online custom t-shirt printing software, Flash T-Shirt can be a great find. It offers a simple and safe approach to designing custom t-shirts.


  • Ability to manage any language from the store admin.
  • It offers a free training and content management system to offer assistance with your online projects.
  • It allows you to search for products or design templates and configure them in the software.
  • Ability to change styles and products, select product color, view product details with dimensions, add clipart and other changes.

Editing the layers, adding text to the product design, uploading your own artwork, the option to drag and resize images to adjust the design or the option to save the designs to edit later are some of its other main features.

Price: Free trial available; License priced at $ 2500.

SonicShack Design Studio is a web app or rather a plug-in that allows you to design and sell custom t-shirts on your website.


  • It integrates easily and quickly into your website.
  • It can be easily configured and ends with the registration to the affiliate program.
  • It allows you to earn profits by selling through the affiliate program.

Most importantly, your website visitors also have the freedom to design custom t-shirts and other items.

Price: free

Printing your T-shirt with your favorite text or images becomes easy with the T-Shirt Factory Deluxe version. Perfect for home, work and school, it lets you create images on T-shirts, visors, bags and more.


  • Easy to install and easy to use with no previous photo editing experience.
  • It allows you to simply draw or import a design into the software and get a print.
  • It syncs well with MS Word and its clip art feature.
  • Prints a mirror image of the design on the transfer paper using an inkjet printer.
  • Loaded with approximately 6300 predefined designs or offers the choice of over 20.000 high-quality (royalty-free) full-color clip art images.

The option to scan family photos or instant personalized t-shirts are some of the additional features it boasts.

Price: free


While professional design has its own appeal, there is no better satisfaction than designing your own custom t-shirts. All the more so as the rise of t-shirt design tools is making everything super easy these days. You can simply select from the list above and move on with your design ideas.

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