18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

The internet is a basic requirement these days, just like a telephone connection. Whether it's running on your mobile phone or desktop, you want to stay connected 24/24 at top speed. Also, there is a pretty good cost to get the data at a certain speed. And so, when the speed slows down, that's when disappointment comes.

While all internet service providers claim to offer the fastest internet service than others, in reality these are far from true. When you start using the connection, that's when you know the actual performance. The best thing to do at this point would be to test your internet speed to see what you are actually getting from the claims.

To check upload and download speeds in real time, you need a reliable internet speed test analysis tool. Fortunately, there are some such useful online tools that not only help you find out the real speed of the internet, but also help detect any other network-related problems.

Here is a checklist of some of the best online internet speed testing tools for your review.

18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

If you are looking for a quick and easy internet speed test, Fast.com may be your best bet. It is a free online tool provided by Netflix.com that mainly checks the current download and upload speed. Not only that, it also offers latency and latency numbers loaded on its clean and simple ad-free interface.

The data the tool collects gives Netflix an in-depth look at networks around the world. However, the main goal is to give internet users a quick and effective look at their internet speed.

Price: free

18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

Speedtest.net is a well-known internet speed analysis tool where anyone can test the actual speed of their data connection. It allows you to test upload and download speed as well as ping using many servers around the world. Ookla Speed ​​test is one of the best known internet speed test apps available in recent times. Check the download and upload speed along with the ping in seconds. is one of the most accurate speed trackers around that also allows you to share your results. The company is also known for publishing its monitoring results on the state of global markets and associated trends. The app is available for download on a variety of platforms including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Google Chrome, and Apple TV.

In addition, it allows you to record test results, analyze the speed of your data against other users around the world, be part of a Speed ​​Wave. The Speed ​​Wave feature allows you to compete and collect data from like-minded users. People who are part of the Speed ​​Wave also earn special badges at times.

Price: free

18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

SpeedSmart is truly a smart online tool that doesn't depend on Java or Flash, but comes in a handy HTML5 format that allows you to easily test your internet speed. It works precisely on many devices using a web browser on desktop or laptop on mobile phones and tablets.

When you launch the site on your browser, it automatically detects your IP address. For a basic test, you can simply click on the button that appears on the screen and run a test. For more advanced options, you can sign up with them.

Price: free

18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

SpeedOf.Me is another great online internet speed testing tool that works on HTML 5 / JavaScript and not Flash. It doesn't even allow any Flash plug-ins. Therefore, it is compatible with any browser that supports HTML5, including mobile phone platforms such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows or any desktop browser.

This lightweight website offers a higher level of accuracy in comparison. Furthermore, it also works on handheld devices such as cell phones and tablets. Best of all, it features a real-time bandwidth graph interface that shows exact upload and download speeds in an intuitive form.

Price: Free trial available; starts at $ 4,99

18 Best Free Online Internet Speed ​​Test Tools

Speed ​​Check & Wi-Fi Finder is a free downloadable and usable mobile phone application. It comes with a responsive interface where all results are displayed in an easy to understand format. Just click on the “Start Check” button and all analyzes are displayed on the interface within seconds.

View details about latency, download and upload speed, IP address and provider. While it can be used at home or for work, it also detects and displays other wireless hotspots nearby.

Price: free

The search ends here for people looking for a fast and reliable internet speed test tool with TestMy.Net. This versatile tool populates accurate results and is compatible with a wide range of tools. It allows you to check the download bandwidth speed of your data connection with absolute accuracy, using large test, random data and no 3rd party applications.

You can also check the loading speed of your data connection with the same browser type used by sites like YouTube. Best of all, it comes with an automatic speed test that makes it easy to ensure that the network provider is actually delivering as promised.

Price: free

Those looking for a powerful internet speed test tool for their cell phones, nPerf is a great choice. It can check the connection quality of your mobile phone at maximum speed and up to 1GB / s. It performs a comprehensive QoS test that checks the bitrate, latency, browsing speed and quality of video streaming on your portable device in seconds.

It comes with an interactive map that analyzes the reach of the network and takes the test of coverage performance in your current area. That's not all, as it also keeps you updated on internet speed in real time on your mobile phone display using the network monitor. Most importantly, you can run each test (speed test, browsing test and video streaming test) individually, using the scrolling menu.

Price: free version available; pro version for 1500 € / year

Internet Health Test is an easy-to-use online tool for testing the internet bandwidth on your device. Run speed tests from your ISP, for several different interconnect points that help check for declining performance.

This measurement is performed using M-Lab infrastructure and code. After pressing the 'Start Test' button, the toll runs a series of separate tests in five different stages. The test detects any disturbances in the connection between the ISP and the other network to which the ISP connects.

What is significant about this tool is that it tests on measurement points located within the ISP's network or on a limited set of measurement points. This is what sets it apart from other online tools.

Price: free

DSLReports does exactly the same that other internet speed testing tools do - that is, it checks the maximum upload and download speeds collected from different geographically dispersed locations. It offers speed tests in Java and Flash formats and also for iPhone. Other tests performed by this tool are mobile browser and latency and Java download / upload speed test.

Price: free

Xfinity Speed ​​Test is a browser-based internet speed test tool like many others. It comes with a simple interface that doesn't allow you to easily test your internet speed. All you have to do is hit the "start test" button and view analytics such as download and upload speed and latency, protocol and location. It also allows you to share test results by simply copying the URL generated for the report.

Price: free

Network Speed ​​Test is one such internet speed test tool that offers detailed information regarding the upload and download speeds of your data connection. What's more? The tool also keeps a saved copy of the history of internet connections you've made in the past. This helps you with easy comparison in the future.

While it measures your network's upload and download speeds, it also checks latency. Also, it interprets the possible activities you may be able to perform, for example, streaming music. You can also view details about your network, such as SSID

Verizon Speed ​​Test is another browser-based internet speed test tool. It's as simple as many other tools where all you have to do is click the "Get Started" button and the tool populates the results (upload / download speed and latency). With a simple and easy-to-use interface, it's a simple and effective way to test your internet speed.

Price: free

Speed ​​Test Logger is a free and open source tool for Windows that automates internet speed tests and helps fix irregular and cracked connection problems. The download speed is tested in a fixed interval, enters the test results in a text file in CSV format, and populates the download speed in the form of time graphs.

The tool also tracks any irregularities whether the PC is online or offline and any fluctuations in the IP address. In short, it tracks, records and measures the speed and reliability of your mobile Internet, Wi-Fi, DSL, or cable connections.

Now you no longer have to worry about the speed of your smart device, when you have the Network Analyzer app at your service. Available for iOS devices, especially the iPhone and iPad which diagnoses the network connection, scans the LAN and identifies any problems, effectively.

From detecting various problems in your Wi-Fi network or Internet connection to analyzing various problems on remote servers, it uses a number of tools for this purpose.

Price: $ 3,99

OpenSpeedTest is an internet speed testing app for any device with no app to download. This browser-based tool runs on HTML5 without the need for Flash or Java. So, from iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, Xbox or PlayStation, to Smart TV, it can control your broadband speed on virtually any device.

Plus, it can accurately check the internet speed on any connection, be it mobile broadband connection, satellite / dial-up connection, or fiber, cable or DSL connection.

Price: free

Meteor is an internet speed test tool that offers a unique experience with speed tests. It comes with a clean-looking interface that offers data on well-known apps and also what to expect from the speed test. It provides real-world insights to over 20 million mobile phone users around the world.

Additionally, the speed test helps users get a better signal, detect free Wi-Fi and find out which network operator is the best in your location. What's more? It also offers coverage maps for all major networks around the world for free. It accurately measures the speed of your network on your mobile phone and also helps to visualize the availability of the 2G, 3G and 4G network in your location.

Price: free

Cox Internet Speed ​​Test allows you to check your Internet bandwidth speed directly on the first page by clicking on the "start test" button. Furthermore, you can also explore the options that you can use to increase Internet speed performance. To get more accurate results, you need to use a PC with a wired (Ethernet) connection, switch to Wi-Fi, and close all other programs on the PC.

By registering with the app, you can easily compare the speed test results with your internet plan. It also allows you to troubleshoot in the event of an outage and reset the modem accordingly. It also provides an overview of your current internet plan, which helps you upgrade your plan if needed, in just a few clicks.


Internet speed is critical to getting the best performance out of your PC, and when it starts to falter it can be hard to work. So, get one of these efficient and reliable internet speed tools today for uninterrupted internet usage.

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