3 best free tools to stop Windows 10 spy functionality

3 best free tools to stop Windows 10 spy functionality

The one thing Windows 10 gets criticized a lot for is its attempt to invade user privacy. With its tracking features enabled by default, it has extended the limits to which an operating system can spy on users. To provide a more personalized experience, look for data from users. One option is to not upgrade to Windows 10, which isn't really an option. Microsoft will eventually end support for Windows 7 and 8 in the next 5-7 years. And recent news confirms that Windows 10 is forcefully pushing updates to Windows 7 and Windows 8 users by secretly downloading updates for the update. Whether you want it or not, you will eventually have to be a part of Microsoft's data logging system by choosing Windows 10 or you have to be a rebel and choose Linux.

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Now let's focus on this espionage problem. One option is for you to go ahead and change the settings one by one and turn off all Windows 10 tracking features. The other short and simple method is to use some free open source tools available on the web to disable all features spying in just a few clicks. Here are the 3 best donotspy tools for Windows 10.

O&O ShutUp10

3 best free tools to stop Windows 10 spy functionality

Scarica O&O ShutUp10

O&O ShutUp10 is a free tool that allows you to disable more than 50 Windows 10 spying features at the same time. You can choose to turn off some features if you really need them. Best of all, you don't need to install it (portable software) on your PC. You just have to download and run this program and with a simple interface, you can easily tell Windows 10 to respect your privacy. If you change your mind in the future, you can undo all changes by using this software again and choosing to undo all changes to get back to where you started. It also optionally creates a system restore point when these settings are changed.

Disable Windows 10 monitoring

3 best free tools to stop Windows 10 spy functionality

Scarica Disable Win 10 Tracking

Just go to the download link given above and scroll down the page and under the download section click DisableWinTracking.exe to download the freeware. This free tool published on GitHub was the first among these anti-spy tools. Just run this exe file and check all the options like Disable Telemetry, Block Tracking Server etc. And click Switch Private. You have two options before going into private mode and those are Delete and Disable. If you choose to delete, the services will be deleted while disabling them by simply making them dormant. In this tool even if you plan to go back, simply hit reset after running this software again and all previous settings will be applied again. Note that you must be logged in as an administrator to run this tool.

Ashampoo AntiSpy

3 best free tools to stop Windows 10 spy functionality

Download Ashampoo AntiSpy

Ashampoo Antispy is another free tool that allows you to configure security settings to protect your privacy
Stops data logging, disables location tracking, and prevents Microsoft from sending diagnostic and usage data. Like all other tools, you can choose which settings to apply and which not. It tells you to create a system restore point before installing this software which is recommended as it will allow you to go back to settings just in case.

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