7 best dual / multiple monitor tools for Windows computer

7 best dual / multiple monitor tools for Windows computer

It's great to be able to use two monitors at the same time. Not only does it expand the Windows desktop view, but it also simplifies many tasks. Whether you're in IT, animation, or any other field, dual monitor setup is extremely useful for professionals.

This setup helps you to work with several programs at the same time in full screen. It's like having two video displays linked together for those who want to have an expanded view. However, the downside is that there aren't many settings to configure more than one monitor configuration. Another downside is that there is no taskbar in Windows 7 on the second visual display. In fact, you literally have to struggle with the different functions like moving an application from one monitor to another, difficulty extending an application across both displays, etc.

So how do you deal with these situations? The best way to overcome these challenges is to use dual monitor software on Windows. They help you in many ways, such as extending the taskbar to all added displays, inserting additional options in the title bar, and more.

Here is a short list of some of the best dual monitor tools that not only offer additional functionality, but can also be pocketable.

7 best dual / multiple monitor tools for Windows computer

As the name suggests, Dual Monitor Tools is one of the best software in the category. It features hotkeys that help you move windows from one monitor to another. It also restricts mouse / cursor movement between monitors and comes with other features like designer and wallpaper changer, screen recording tool and application launcher.

While it allows you to quickly move Windows between different monitors, it also fixes the cursor on one monitor. Alternatively, it can also restrict the movement of cursors between monitors. In addition, it can also acquire images from the main display and project them on the connected displays. It can also prompt applications to launch on a specific display.

What's more? It also helps you to create custom wallpapers with different images on each display. Alternatively, you can also extend the current wallpaper to a secondary monitor. The option to change wallpapers over and over and lots of new hotkeys for Windows XP and Vista users are some of its other key features.

Price: free and open source

7 best dual / multiple monitor tools for Windows computer

This software is perfect for those who work on multiple monitors and on the Windows operating system. It focuses on improving the Windows user interface while working on several monitors at the same time. This software comes with all required functions like Start Menu, Taskbar, Taskbar and Task Selector for multiple VDUs on all connected monitors.

The program is able to move Windows between VDUs faster, manually or automatically. In addition, it also offers custom wallpapers and screen savers for multi-monitor mode which add to the overall appeal of the desktop. Overall, it makes the whole process of working across multiple monitors much easier by using features like fully customizable hotkeys, color management across multiple displays with DisplayFusion, Multi-Monitor TaskBars, and TitleBar buttons.

Price: Priced at $ 24,95

7 best dual / multiple monitor tools for Windows computer

If you're working on multiple monitors, DisplayFusion Pro may be your answer. It comes with a powerful set of features like multi-monitor taskbars, title bar controls, customizable hotkeys, and more. All of these features make your life easier when working with multiple monitors.

While the multi-monitor taskbars keep your Windows organized with a taskbar added to all monitors, it also offers easy-to-use wallpapers from different online sources. Alternatively, you can also use your own images as wallpapers. It also allows you to control displays with profiles, specific settings, subdivision and more. Also, you can use the built-in functions or create your own which can help you size and move the windows according to your needs.

The monitor fade is another great feature that allows you to automatically lower the brightness levels of the displays and the Windows application when not in use. Triggers wake up event listeners where you can learn about activities like desktop unlocking, Windows active status, system idle, Windows creation, etc. Furthermore, you can also enjoy controlling the software from your phone or tablet, remotely. You can even change wallpapers, switch monitors, and hundreds of other functions remotely.

What's more? You can also access its collection of powerful or designed functions using custom key mappings and TitleBar controls. What's more, you can also customize Windows 10 according to your needs. This means that you have the freedom to move the Power User menu to the mouse position i.e. Windows + X, cover the Windows lock screen, etc.

The Windows Position Profile feature allows you to save and load window sizes and positions. By loading a saved Windows location profile that was previously saved, it offers a convenient way to quickly organize your pre-set Windows layouts.

Price: Free trial available; the pro version starts at $ 29

7 best dual / multiple monitor tools for Windows computer

Ultramon is another great dual monitor software in the category that comes loaded with features for using multi-monitor systems, effortlessly. It comes with a taskbar extension that extends the taskbar to connected monitors. The best part is that each of the monitors can be configured to embed only applications that are open in the connected displays or all programs that are open in each of the displays.

While it helps you move windows quickly or maximize them on the desktop, it also manages the position of programs using shortcuts. It also offers a wide variety of wallpapers and screensavers for each monitor. It also offers the ability to copy the main display to other connected displays for presentations. You can also allocate applications to relevant application bars.

Price: Priced at $ 39,95 for a single user license

It is one of the most popular dual monitor tools which is a perfect option for those looking for lightweight multi-monitor software. With support for up to three connected monitors, it's a great alternative to DisplayFusion software. It has recently come up with a Pro version based on its constant popularity over the years and great demand.

It works with 32 or 64 bit Windows platforms where you can add TaskBar 2.1 (free version) or TaskBar Pro 3.5. The free version of the taskbar inserts two more taskbars into additional monitors. However, the pro version lacks the system themes. Aside from the additional viewing application bars, the free version doesn't offer much. The Pro version rather includes more features like the option to extend an application across different desktops, themes for connected monitors, better control over Windows on different screens with different resolutions, and more.

In fact, both the free and paid versions come with a useful clipboard extension program that stores all texts copied to the clipboard. This helps you select different items from the combo box on the second taskbar. Pro version users can also stretch the Windows display between two displays, move Windows to a second monitor using the arrows, and choose optional taskbar themes.

Price: free version available; pro version priced at $ 35

It is open source software that is compact and yet is a perfect solution for anyone who works on multiple monitors. Place a taskbar at the top and bottom of all secondary monitors. The taskbar features one or two rows of buttons or controls, in six different styles. It also features an optional clock, comes with keyboard shortcuts that help move Windows to connected screens, displays a six-month calendar with options like the current month, the previous month, and four months up.

It has many customization options that include eight different skins, options for normal or double height, and some special effects, for example, mirror and glass. Best of all, the software does not need to be installed and its presence is hardly felt on system resources. Since the Windows taskbar can be extended to multiple monitors, it is also possible to use individual wallpapers on each monitor.

Price: free

This dual monitor software allows you to manage multiple displays effortlessly. Designed specifically for the Windows operating system, this tool swaps the primary display with the external display connected to the desktop or laptop or vice versa. it also helps disable linked displays, enable linked displays, and more. The software provides options to conveniently change the theme of a specific display and not force a wallpaper over the entire desktop background covering all monitors.

The best part is that it also allows you to change the resolution of different monitors with the help of a desktop shortcut or with just one click. This feature helps you save the power of two or more monitors connected to the Windows desktop.

Price: Free trial available; priced at $ 5

Using dual monitors is a requirement, however, it can be quite complicated when making a presentation and performing various specific functions for multiple monitors. Dual monitor programs are designed to make your life easier and so the above list of some of the best dual monitor tools may be useful for you. Easily move windows between multiple displays or extend the wallpaper of your choice to different connected displays, these tools are the best support you need to manage multiple monitors efficiently. So, get one today and make the whole process enjoyable.

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