7 hidden features of Teamviewer that not everyone knows about

7 hidden features of Teamviewer that not everyone knows about

January 18, 2016 Of Directors

TeamViewer is a computer software that has made it possible to access computers remotely and even for free. With this software, users can access the computer from anywhere except in front of their system or PC. The basic use of TeamViewer software is remote access, computer troubleshooting, i.e. detecting system problems elsewhere and also their resolution, other uses of TeamViewer can be online meetings, online conferences and file transfer from one system to another. without actually accessing it. Previously, this software was only available for desktop and laptop computers, but today due to its wide use, its latest version, TeamViewer 10, is also available for Windows and Mac mobile operating systems.

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TeamViewer has gained a lot of popularity these days and is used just like regular software. It takes a few steps and users can log into the other computer by sitting elsewhere. For example, if the user's system has some software problem, then it can be solved simply by sharing the user's ID and password with the technician, that person instead of arriving at the facility would prefer to access the computer located at your office with the login credentials provided. by the system owner. Furthermore, the system owner can also check what the other person is doing on their system, as the system screen would actually show work in progress on the system. If the user thinks the job is incorrect, the connection can be dropped in the middle of the session.

Automatic recording session:

7 hidden features of Teamviewer that not everyone knows about

TeamViewer offers the possibility to record sessions. However, session logging isn't always necessary, but it still provides some sort of basic security functionality. As in, the user can track the meeting session or any other important login session track for personal use or future reference. The general format of the session recording is the “.tvs” format which can be changed to the most used and easily accessible format which is the “avi” format by default.

Remote reboot

7 hidden features of Teamviewer that not everyone knows about

You can reboot the client machine with teamviewer remotely. The real advantage is that the connection to the connected PC is not lost. If the Windows PC asks for login credentials, the user sitting at the remote PC can enter their authentication details to continue the process.

Remote printing

Here is another wonderful TeamViewer feature that all users would love. Your remote printing. Here the user can print files from one system to a distant printer. For example, the user created a documentation and for some reason could not get to the office on time. And the documentation itself cannot be mailed, so the user can simply use the office printer to print the documents while at home.

File transfer

7 hidden features of Teamviewer that not everyone knows about
File transfer is another feature. In addition, it is remote printing, the user can also transfer the file from one system to another using TeamViewer. Now here's a glitch, the user has to be very careful with whoever shares their ID and password because anyone with the login details can use TeamViewer to steal their personal data stored in the system and misuse it.

Turn the LAN back on

Previous versions of TeamViewer required the two connected systems to be activated as a basic requirement, but the latest version, TeamViewer 10, has a feature called "Wake up Lan" where the basic requirement that the other is been removed. the system is turned on by another person. . Users can use TeamViewer to turn on the PC whenever they want with the help of TeamViewer itself.

Two-factor authentication

As the name suggests, two-factor authentication is a secure gateway to security. Likewise, we have in the Gmail login a two-step verification, it's here. At the time of login, a security code is generated, which must also be provided after username and password. A TeamViewer account does not essentially require a TeamViewer account.

VPN tool

TeamViewer has a built-in VPN tool that creates a secure anonymous VPN tunnel between the two. For this, you need to connect to the client first, then click on extras and then on the VPN option. This also allows you to securely transfer files over a VPN connection.

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