A new extension for Chrome makes the results disappear from Google

When searching the web with the main engines, such as Google, DuckDuckGo o Bing, it can happen to end up on sites with misleading information or that, simply, it would be better not to visit. To completely eliminate these portals from the search results, you can use the extension uBlackList per browser Chromium e Firefox, developed in early 2021, which allows you to define a list of sites that will be excluded.

Once installed, via the Chrome Web Store or the FireFox Add-Ons page, it must be configured by clicking on its icon and selecting "options". From here, you can define which sites to block. For example, if we wanted to exclude all articles on Wikipedia, we would have to write:

*: //*.example.com/*
*: //*.wikipedia.com/*

Photo Credit: Bleeping Computer

A new extension for Chrome makes the results disappear from Google

Subsequently, saving the changes and proceeding with a verification, we will notice that all results from Wikipedia will be excluded from searches. In addition, the presence of the “Block This Site” link next to the results is quite useful, which allows the site directly to the block list. By default, uBlackList only takes care of excluding sites from Google results, but it also supports other engines such as Ecosia, StartPage, DuckDuckGo, Qwant e Yahoo! Japan. Finally, the extension syncs its list of blocked sites to Google Cloud, so it will work flawlessly and will always be up to date on all your devices.

If you are interested in trying it, you can download uBlackList from the Google Chrome Web Store or from the Mozilla Firefox Add-ons page. You can also download the source code directly from the project's GitHub.

If you want to use the Google Chrome browser more productively, we recommend that you learn all the keyboard shortcuts, which allow you, for example, to open a new tab or switch between different tabs instantly. Find all the information in our dedicated article.

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