A youtuber created his PlayStation 5 Slim and it's beautiful

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Since it was revealed, but especially as soon as it came on the market, the size of PlayStation 5 surprised - and even destabilized in some cases - users, who soon had to deal with the important encumbrance of Sony's new flagship, especially for home space. It is not news that a "Slim" version of the various platforms is always created and marketed just before mid-generation (in the life cycle of a console), which, in addition to improving the distribution of hardware, significantly reduces the size, which will surely happen with PS5 as well. What if we told you that a Youtuber has already created a PlayStation 5 Slim?

As you can see for yourself by starting the player of the video at the bottom of the news, in his channel DIY Perks the youtuber has created what is actually the first PlayStation 5 Slim, even if clearly unofficial. The video shows us all the steps of creation, up to the final test in which we realize that, indeed, the console is functional.

Clearly this is not something that can be easily recreated or reproduced at home, since many of the steps require professional equipment, an excellent knowledge of hardware assembly, and above all a millimeter precision.

In any case, the best news we learn from this video is that creare una PlayStation 5 Slim it is absolutely possible, and that Sony may already be working on a possible publication. The biggest problem remains there as always little availability of materials for the creation of consoles (or in general of electronic chips in any market that makes use of them), it is therefore not excluded that maybe there are already working prototypes, but that they may see their production and marketing postpone due to this lack (which still greatly affects the production and distribution of standard versions).

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