Activision Blizzard chief operating officer has left the company

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After two years of work at Activision Blizzard Daniel Alegre, the company's president and chief operating officer, is preparing to leave the company a March 2023when your current contract expires. Behind his abandonment there are no particular causes, it seems that the COO just got a better job offer.

Activision Blizzard this is definitely not the best time to face a period of internal transition; with “only” an antitrust lawsuit standing in the way, the company will probably officially become Microsoft property by this summer. To take care of the transition after the expiry of the contract Cheerful looks like it will be the current one CEO company Bobby Kotick.

No doubt about his ability to do what his career is about Kotick up to now, however, it has not been humanly very brilliant. The CEO of Activision Blizzard has in fact returned from a year at risk of being fired due to the toxic working conditions that he imposed on his employees and was often accused by them of sexual harassment, all of which is reported in an article in the Wall Street Journal of November. The future of the US company seems to be in rather uncertain hands but the fact remains that Kotick can surprise with a better performance than the previous COO. We'll see.

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