Alien: a new AAA game is coming?

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According to some sources a new game AAA Alien is in development, with a launch window set for 2023. Little is known about this potential title, however its codename appears to be "Marathon“, a horror and survival game for the current generation.

Difficult to decree who is the actual developer who is working on the project. Also being shared is the rumor of a sequel to Alien: isolation, it is an entry only because significant information is missing.

Alien began with the 1979 film, which featured the crew of a spaceship caught in the grip of a brutal alien called a Xenomorph. The film quickly became a cult classic and the biggest modern inspiration of the space horror subgenre.

Alien: isolation it was one of the most celebrated Alien titles in franchise history. He is praised for trying to render the player powerless, as he imparted tension, suspense, terror.

Given the success, it is reasonable to want to work on a sequel, however something does not add up: Creative Assembly, the development team, is currently working on a multiplayer shooter game known as Hyenas.

What does it mean? If all this were true, it would inevitably be another studio to deal with the sequel. Gamers, however, are excited, as horror games set in space are booming right now.

An example would be the Callisto Protocol or the remake of Dead Space.

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