Armored Core 6 will not be a soulslike

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Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon was announced during the The Game Awards 2022, and Hidetaka Miyazaki e Masaru Yamamura they talked more about the new title of From Software during an interview granted to IGN.

The two specified that Armored Core 6 it will differ from the latest Software House productions. “We didn't work on the title trying to make it similar to Souls, on the contrary we focused on what have always been the elements that have always distinguished the series Armored Core" he has declared Miyazaki. The last title of the saga to be released was Armored Core: Verdict Day, released in 2013. The new chapter will represent a marked improvement over the past, thanks to the addition of numerous new maps and missions and the improvement of some of the historical mechanics of Armored Core. Furthermore, the online mode will encompass everything that best represents the saga: creativity, strategy and teamwork.

Since the release of the last one Armored Core, From Software published Dark Souls 2 e 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice ed Elden Ring. Miyazaki e yamaura they stated that Armored Core 6 will focus on the customization and driving of the mecha, and that the narrative will be structured in missions, so the title will not be an open world.


Fonte: IGN Via: Eurogamer
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