Battlefield doesn't keep up with Call of Duty according to Sony

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The regulator of the English market has published the arguments of Sony regarding the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft. In the document, the Japanese manufacturer responded to the statements of Microsoft, according to which Battlefield would be perfectly capable of competing with Call of Duty, completely disagreeing with this opinion.

As a support to your thesis, Sony could not do anything but highlight the huge difference in sales that the two shooter sagas have made over the years. While Call of Duty was able to sell over 400 million copies, Battlefield does not exceed 90 million, and this for Sony it is enough to say that there is not the slightest competition between the two titles.

"Call of Duty it is too well-established in the market to be threatened by any rival, even the best-equipped” he declared Sony. “It's been one of the best-selling shooters of all time in recent years, and it's definitely the best-selling shooter of them all. Although Call of Duty e Battlefield may seem similar at first glance, there is no real competition between the two, and this is demonstrated by the fact that, as of August 2021, the former had sold over 400 million copies, while the latter only 88,7 million". The acquisition of Activision by Microsoft continues to create controversy, we just have to wait for next March to see how this dispute will end

Fonte: UK Competition and Market Authority Via: Gamesradar
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