Because Zelda Breath of the Wild 2 has to be more than just a sequel

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During the past few hours it has been confirmed that Breath of the Wild 2 has been officially postponed and that we will see it on the shelves during the 2023, a postponement that sparked the ire of Nintendo fans but which, we realize, was almost necessary. The first chapter, released in 2017, was completely revolutionary for the open world genre, imposing itself as a new yardstick and also greatly influencing some future productions. Also mindful of how some games have suffered a preventive release, this postponement of the new Zelda it makes us feel even more peaceful, given that we do not expect the "classic" more of the same.

Indeed, Breath of the Wild 2, it should take the whole concept of the first game to a higher level, we could almost say towards new heights, considering also that we will most likely return to the clouds, the place where the game universe was born.

What to expect from the Zelda sequel Breath of the Wild

As mentioned, the community appears to be quite peaceful on the fact that, in one way or another, we will return to Oltrenuvola, the floating island that the Goddess Hylia has detached from the earth, in Skyward Sword and birthplace of Link and the first Zelda. There are various clues in the trailer that lead to this, two of them all are free fall what the alleged Link does with that particular tunic (we'll talk about him later) in the trailer, e the pieces of land that begin to float and to move to the sky. To this, there are a couple of references to be added that are found in the first chapter, in which it is explained that, indeed, beyond the clouds there can really be something.

But returning to the alleged link in the tunic, some users have begun to Speculare also about him, but in this case we have to go for a moment in order. As a first rumor has circulated the fact that, in the new Breath of the Wild 2, we will not be limited only to controlling Link. For some, the more collected and adventurous aspect of Zelda will ensure that we will take on the role of the princess, but not only. In fact, according to these rumors, the Link that is thrown from the sky would not in fact be our real hero, but rather, it would be precisely Ganondorf controlled by the player at other times. In fact, if you remember the first trailer, that kind of red-haired mummy could be, as also depicted by some drawings, the first hero in the history of Hyrule. If in the previous chapters of the history of the franchise Ganondorf has always been a bit of a classic villain (grant me the term), in this sequel it might look much more mysterious. In fact, the Triforce he could have corrupted him to the point of leaving him in those conditions, and now that he has awakened it is not to be excluded that, in a certain sense, he has managed to possess our beloved Link.

The latest pictures 

The last two images published by Nintendo in the postponement video show a Battered-looking link and worried, with the Broken Master Sword in his hands. Some users even speculate on a trip to reforge the sword, which could lead to a final showdown with Ganon, so as to defeat him once and for all, paving the way for future games to include new villains.

More troubling is the question about thing it may have caused such damage to the almighty sword of the series, but for that we don't have an answer yet. For some, the glowing hand grabbing Link, which would also explain the protagonist's strange arm cover, would be the motivation behind the broken sword. Some users have acknowledged that the scene is similar to the one in Zelda: Skyward Sword where Link bathes the Goddess Sword within the sacred flames to help create the Master Sword. Since references to the goddess Hylia appear in both Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, it's not out of the question that Link can call this deity to mend the sword. If this were indeed the case, it would create a highly powerful and nostalgic moment for the fans.


The new Breath of The Wild 2, which could however be called Breath of Duality as emerged from some rumors, it therefore risks putting an exclamation point important not only for the chapters of Zelda, but for the general lore of the faranchise. Given what the title represents, Nintendo she is well aware that nothing can be done wrong, on pain of immediate harakiri. There are many issues at stake therefore, and not only the very high expectations from the community and the world of video games itself (which rightly expects a title capable of upsetting the market again). Certainly very high expectations, but that only this franchise would be able to respect.

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