Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2022

Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2022

Are you looking for a guide that will show you in detail what the best WhatsApp alternatives? Very well, you just found it! In this in-depth analysis we are going to give you all the necessary information with the most interesting products on the market.

Some users are looking for alternative a WhatsApp, safer and more respectful of privacy. In this guide we are going to find out which are the most interesting messaging platforms from this point of view. Enjoy the reading!

Best WhatsApp 2022 alternatives

Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2022

For some time now you have begun to inform yourself about the privacy and data and info sharing policies of WhatsApp. And you weren't particularly happy with how Zuckerberg's team approaches these issues.

We will try to give you a view of all the applications similar to whatsapp and we will see in detail the various programs. If you are looking for the most credible alternatives you are in the right place. Here is the list of best WhatsApp alternatives:

  • Telegram
  • Signal
  • Wire
  • Session

So take a few minutes of free time: we are sure that, once you have finished reading, you will know which of these apps is really for you. But no more delay, let's go!

The first alternative app to WhatsApp is also the most famous, that is Telegram. Now very widespread, in 2022 it will celebrate its first billion users. Thanks to its policies and options that WhatsApp does not have, such as the fact that there is no need to exchange the number: a nickname is enough to chat and talk.

Like WhatsApp, Telegram also keeps the metadata in unencrypted form: on its servers there are the info about who, for how long and from where we communicated. And end-to-end encryption only works with secret chats.

That said, Telegram takes a completely different approach to WhatsApp: it cares about safety, since it distributes the encryption keys it holds in different jurisdictions, thus discouraging any requests from security agencies to access chat content.

Additionally, it has been banned from Iran and Russia, who are not happy with Telegram allowing secure communications. This is certainly an excellent point in favor of the application in question (for more info read How to hide the number on telegram)

Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2022

The second platform we want to recommend is Signal, which really puts privacy first. And it is no coincidence that she is loved by characters like Elon Musk (read Elon Musk's Prophecies) and especially Edward Snowden.

The privacy protection system has been patented by the app developers themselves: it is a form of encryption that allows you to send messages that cannot be read by others, and also to make interception-proof calls.

The mobile number is also not linked to the user profile: there is a numeric nickname that is used to generate a private key, used only for account registration and not for monitoring.

Continuing in our guide to best WhatsApp alternatives, here Wire, named after a popular crime TV series. We are talking about one of the safest apps: thanks to the Wire Swiss protocol and anonymous registration. End-to-end encryption is also excellent, set by default.

Therefore, each message sent with Wire has its own key that never leaves users' devices. Wire also supports encrypted group chats (up to 128 people) and secure conference calls (up to 10 people). Corporate communications are truly safe.

Best Whatsapp Alternatives 2022

We conclude our selection with Session one of the best whatsapp alternatives, which looks like this in the first line of its privacy policy: "Session does not know who you are, who you are talking to or the content of your messages".

Translated: this app does not store identifying information, such as IP address, telephone number, ID, e-mail or other that can be linked to our real identity. Free anonymity therefore seems to be a guarantee directly declared by the developer company.

Also, with Session you can create a security phrase to memorize to protect the account ID. To use the app and send messages or make group calls, all you need is a nickname or a QR code. There is end-to-end encryption. Session actually reduces sensitive metadata.

How to choose the best WhatsApp alternatives

As we pointed out the apps that impressed us the most, we also implicitly saw how to choose the best WhatsApp alternatives. We have seen that there are really functional and secure platforms, which we recommend that you download and use immediately if you care about privacy.

So now you should have a complete and comprehensive overview. We just have to say goodbye and give you an appointment at the next one, not before leaving you a guide that could be useful to you: How does the secret telegram chat work

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