Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories

Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories

If you asked yourself Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories you are in the right place.
It will surely have happened to you, viewing the Instagram Stories, you find yourself in front of more or less famous characters who ask to swipe up their Followers.
This engaging action, which is fashionable on the world's fastest growing social network, allows traffic to be conveyed to a link or video that the user wants to sponsor (or show to the greatest number of people).

We will explain what a Swipe Up is, how to do it and what are the mechanisms to get more interactions from your Followers.
Are you ready to go? Great, so here are all the details.

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Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories

To explain how to do How to Swipe Up on Instagram it is necessary to make a brief introduction.
Le stories from Instagram have now entered the collective scenario and even platforms such as YouTube or Facebook allow this type of interaction.

Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories

There is direct contact with your audience, the contents are short and immediate and, above all, they appear above the Social dashboard (so they are super-visible).
If you have wondered why famous people use this type of function above all, here is the answer.

Requirements to Swipe Up on Instagram

As you may know, not everyone can Swipe up.
There are indeed gods requirements important that allow you to perform this function, without which it is not possible.

The way to "get" this function is not exactly simple, especially if you are not a fashion blogger or famous person.
In fact, the presence of at least 10.000 followers (real) and you have to create a Business profile (operation to be done on Facebook, by associating the profiles).

How to Insert Links on Instagram Stories

Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories

There are several ways to Swipe Up on Instagram Stories. It is possible to carry out the operation from a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.
But the Swipe Up how it's done? Let's find out together.

The first thing to do is to go and create a Stories.
Go to your Profile and click on the main image (you can also find it from the Home) to create a Story dedicated to your Followers.

Now that you have done this first step you need to go to insert the link.
To do this click on symbol in the shape of a chain and then fill in the various required fields, by entering the URL of the landing page.
You can also view the preview, to verify that everything is going the right way, or Tag Business Partners.

Now that you understand how to insert links on Instagram Stories, all your followers will be able, by doing a TouchSwipe, to view the page you linked…. to do so, just bring your finger up in the selected Story.

How to Swipe Up Without Having 10000 Followers

Come fare Swipe Up su Instagram Stories

As we have seen before, there are requirements to insert a link in the Instagram Stories.
How to Swipe Without 10000 Followers? Here are all the solutions present and that allow us to support our virtual Idol.

How to Swipe Up on Instagram from PC

Be your intention è Swipe Up on Instagram using a PC all you have to do is open your browser and then go to the Official Social Site.

Now Log in to your account e click on Instagram search (the magnifying glass at the top right) to search for the character who requested your virtual hand (you can also locate him in the Stories).

At this point click on More, which you find at the bottom right, and click again on link da “Swippare”.
The link will open on another page of your Browers and you can support the work of your favorite influencer.

How to Swipe Up on Instagram from Smartphone

The operation for fare Swipe Up su Instagram da Smartphone o Tablet it is not very different from that for PC.

Turn on your device and Open the Instagram App.
Locate the Page or Character you want to support and click on his profile or watch the dedicated Story.

Now, as with the PC operation, click on More, located in the lower right, and subsequently on the Link Swip Up.
Here you have opened the dedicated link and you can see the content "sponsored" by your favorite artist.

As we have seen in our guide on How to Swipe Up on Instagram Stories, the steps are really simple and intuitive.
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