Could PT rise again thanks to Silent Hill announcements?

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Geoff keighley is currently one of the most prominent personalities in the field of videogame journalism, creator and host of The Game Awards, certainly does not let his moves on social media go unnoticed. It's just an enigmatic post of him, uploaded to Twitter a few hours away from the Silent Hill Transmission, to raise the first doubts in the fans of the horror saga of Konami. After three big announcements made a few hours before the event, keighley in fact post an image of PT, a now old playable teaser of an alleged new one Silent Hill probably fallen by the wayside.
In fact, PT came out on August 12th, 2014, developed by Kojima Productions and published for free by Konami on the PlayStation Network. Silent Hills was supposed to come out in 2016 but, one year after landing on consoles, PT was removed from the store and the publication of the game canceled. Of Silent Hills there has been no more talk of it and yesterday several new unrelated titles were announced. Here our article about it.

Geoff Keighley's post therefore seems completely disconnected from the recent news on the saga but, considered the author of the post, it could still have some meaning. That the news on Konami's famous horror saga is not over yet? PT was greatly appreciated by fans and it is not excluded that the Japanese company may retrace its steps. We just have to wait for official announcements to see how the issue will evolve.

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