David Harbour, Hopper from Stranger Things, will be in a new horror game

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We do not know if this news will be confirmed by some announcements in the next few hours, but it seems that David Harbour, the beloved Hopper from the Netflix original TV series, Stranger Things, will be inside a new horror game currently in development and slated for release sometime in 2023, as well as Jodie Comer.

To catch the eye was Kirk McKeand, managing editor of GLHF Entertainment AB, who through his Twitter profile shared a status in which an article by Video Games FN appears, the source of the news.

Little scoop herehttps://t.co/1ErFa3wgR5

— Kirk McKeand (@MckKirk) December 5, 2022

According to the source, Harbor's statement was, when asked, than actual “there is something coming out”. Indeed, he himself stated that he and Jodie Comer are cast in a new horror game, And that thinks the next year.

Sadly there isn't much more that has been said about it, e.g it could pretty much be any game, despite some theory they want that title can be one of Silent Hill announced by Konami.

Most likely, if the release year is really that close, we'll find out more during the The Game Awards to be held in two days, which in its approximately three hours of duration will reserve us a very rich number of announcements.

Fonte: Video Games FN Via: PSU
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