Days Gone, the creative director is still embittered by the flop of the game

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It has been well over three years since the launch of Days Gone and John Garvin is still soured by the poor reception it received. Obviously, all this is absolutely nothing new, as it has already been previously mentioned in David Jaffe's podcast.

Garvin, in the podcast, stated that he does not want to accept political correctness, maintaining the intention to cater to social justice warriors.

This is a clear reference to The Last of Us part 2, which we know received some criticisms that Garvin later tried to overcome with the chapter on the motorcyclist.

In any case, just as written by Jade King, Days Gone would still be poorly received if Deacon kept staring at her male date's butt.

Recently, after a tweet that read:

I'll never understand how this game didn't receive universal praise from critics. Definitely one of those first experiences where I had built average expectations and then was amazed.

Three reasons:
1. it had tech issues like bugs, streaming and frame rate;
2. it had reviewers who couldn’t be bothered to actually play the game
3. And three, it had woke reviewers who couldn’t handle a gruff white biker looking at his date’s ass

— John Garvin (@John_Garvin) December 7, 2022

Regarding this, Garvin responded with three suggestions: first by reporting technical problems, bugs and frame rates and then by stating that the reviewers could not have really played.

Surely this is a very common accusation when negative reviews come in, such as the situation with The Callisto Protocol.

In any case, in the words of many, there is no reason for Garvin's criticism, after all, the reviews weren't bad either.

But the point centers on an ideological choice by Garvin, who wanted to make a game about guys who love women. In short, the sexist nuances are very evident and have aroused a lot of anger among commentators.

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