Dead Island 2 has been postponed again, the new release date

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For now, players will have to put away their weapons, at least for a couple more months: Deep Silver e Dumbuster Studios they announced that the expected Dead Island 2 it will not be released in February as planned. The postponement hasn't been by a gigantic amount of time, however, and the new expected release date for Dead Island 2 is April 28 2023. This new date, which we advise you to mark on your calendar hoping it will be definitive, is valid for all versions of the outgoing game (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S).

The reasons for this delay, apparently, are not implied by insurmountable problems or difficulties in development, but simply the team has need more time than expected for the final finishing touches before release. Indeed, during the various events where it was possible to take a look at the preview game, Dead Island 2 seemed quite solid, but in need - as admitted by the developers - of some adjustments in the final stage of processing.

In short, we will have to wait about three more months, not much if the new date is compared to the original announcement of the game (from 2014), and all in all, fans of the series could indulge in cautious optimism.

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