Dead Space Remake is shown in 18 minutes of gameplay video

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Work continues on the remake of the first Dead Space and now we are shown in a new trailer 18 minutes of gameplay. The remake appears to be incredibly faithful to the original but improved in every way. There USG Ishimura, the spaceship in which the game is set, is presented to us in a long opening scene absent from the original title.

In addition to the expected removal of the long uploads present in the 2008 version, one of the most interesting goodies of the remake concerns the protagonist Isaac clarke who, as in the second and third chapter of the saga, will be able to speak by commenting on what is happening around him. The title is scheduled for June 2021 and the development is in the hands of EA Motivate.
While Electronic Arts is dedicated to the remake of Dead Space, the original team of the game does not stand still; in fact, they are behind them Striking Distance Studios, the team of developers who launched on the market less than a week ago The Callisto Protocol, another sci-fi survival horror spiritual sequel to Dead Space. In short, this is certainly a golden age for fans of the genre; DeadSpace Remake will be available from January 27 2023 on all next generation consoles.

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