Disco Elysium developer sues his own publisher

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Robert Kurvitz, head of design for Disco Elysium, was banned from company ZA / UM Studio prior to the game's release and against his own will. The developer recently sued the same company.

Although the details of this summons, filed with the Estonian courts, are not known, we know that the hearing is expected for next November 28th: it is not surprising, however, the choice of Kurvitz who was brutally removed from the project along with other creatives placed in key positions.

To plead the cause of Kurvitz there would also be the writer Helen Hindpere and the artistic director Alexander Rostov who have been straying from the project, which means that much of the creative force behind Disco Elysium is no longer with its publisher. However, going by exclusion, we know that Kurvitz wrote a book set in the same narrative universe of the game, entitled Sacred and Terrible: this makes it very likely a lawsuit filed for the rights on the game itself, after all, exploiting the same narrative universe it goes without saying that Studio ZA / UM also owes something to the author (or authors in this case) of the world where the events take place. For the moment we remain in the field of speculation, awaiting new evidence of any kind.

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