Does Windows 11 have strict requirements? Microsoft explains why

Does Windows 11 have strict requirements? Microsoft explains why

Windows 11 has been available for a week now and, apart from a few bugs that can only affect certain types of users, it has been received quite warmly by both the press and the public. However, compared to its previous iterations, the Microsoft operating system this time has been thought more for the most modern configurations and this reflects on its requirements.

In a new video published on the Microsoft Mechanics YouTube channel, the Redmond company tried to explain the reasons that led it to make certain choices in the design phase. Surely, the most talked about requests in recent months generally concern security and they are Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM 2.0), Secure Boot, Virtual-based Security (VBS) and others. Undoubtedly, this could cut out the “older” but at the same time less secure devices, and it is an operation aimed at establishing a standard for the security of one's PCs.

As stated by Microsoft itself:

With Windows 11, we require TPM 2.0 for new installations by default. Most computers built in the past five years. If a car is compromised, we can help you minimize the damage. Windows 11 will stop these types of attacks immediately because we use Secure Boot and Trusted Boot, which uses both the required UEFI and TPM hardware. Secure Boot and Trusted Boot block rootkits or bootkits that attempt to modify the initial boot files.

Despite this, before imposing certain security requirements, the Redmond company also conducted a lot of tests on obsolete hardware, concluding that it is important to run Windows 11 on new devices or devices that support these features.

In addition to security, it was also crucial for Microsoft to ensure maximum possible performance e make the most of the latest hardware. Again, tests revealed that older devices exhibited performance issues, as well as frequent app crashes, so much so that unsupported PCs can see 52% more known blue screens than configurations that meet the requirements. .

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