DualSense Edge, the secrets of the new PS5 pad

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Dual Sense Edge was first announced in August, and more information has finally been released regarding the controller, which promises to unite all the elements that made players fall in love with dualsense with a high possibility of customization. Indeed, it seems that the new device developed by Sony it will be modular and will allow users to create customized profiles for their needs.

In the video posted by the developers, it is described in detail what was the process that led to the birth of Dualsense Edge, enclosing the thoughts and ideas of the developers, who take turns during the movie to explain in detail what the new features of this new controller will be. The main news of Dual Sense Edge above all concern the possibility of customizing the commands and your own hardware, to best suit your style of play. All of the buttons on the controller can be remapped or even deactivated, and the sensitivity of the sticks and the dead zones involving them can be changed. Also, once the best settings are found, players will be able to save their own Profile, which can be recalled very quickly using the appropriate key located on Dual Sense Edge. Every stick will be removable, as well as each controller it will come with three different types of stick caps which will allow you to have the right grip for each game.

Dual Sense Edge will be available from next 26st January, at the price of approx 240 €, a figure certainly not within everyone's reach. It will be seen if the new controller of Sony the amount spent will be worth it.

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