E3 2022 will not be live, also canceled the online version?

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The pandemic of Covid-19 and Omicron variant sadly they are spreading throughout the planet, with an impressive speed and virulence, and unfortunately, the problems deriving from this crisis are becoming more and more serious everywhere. In our limited universe of reference, the videogame one, the recent increases in infections have led to difficult choices, as regards E3 2022.

In fact, once again this year the most important event in the world of videogames firewall it will unfortunately be translated into digital format, to minimize the chances of contagion. An obviously sacrosanct and intelligent choice but which for three years has continued to limit relations between the public and developers, obviously without counting the dramatic implications of the crisis on millions of lives affected by the virus.

The announcement of the cancellation of the event in person was done in an official way and as a result it is now possible that as expected, this time too we will attend E3 2022 and the Summer Game Fest in via streaming. However, after some information also taken up by IGN colleagues (tweet at the bottom of this article), it seems that even this possibility is no longer so safe unfortunately. In fact, according to what was leaked, the entire event could have a absolutely uncertain fate, to the chagrin of many fans around the world.

Furthermore, if it were still possible to do the event in streaming, Sony's line of not attending the event at all could remain, as confirmed several times by seeing the trend of the Japanese house to overcome E3 (which is probably seen as a American traction), partially replacing it with dedicated PlayStation events such as the namesake PlayStation Experience.

The in-person event for E3 2022 has been canceled, and its digital show remains uncertain. https://t.co/auX816dE9c pic.twitter.com/ygMmbj9Tc8

— IGN (@IGN) January 6, 2022

Microsoft instead he will have to try to do, a little like in 2021 from forerunner and as the main subject for the event that we hope will be accessible remotely and comfortably on the sofa, even if we understand the disappointment regarding many of the fans of the industry. However, as we have already said, this measure could be sacrosanct given the danger of the new variant. Certainly, however, that if the rumor that the event could be canceled entirely should be confirmed, we would be faced with a situation never seen in our videogame universe.

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