Email requesting Bitcoin and threatening to disclose video: what to do

Email requesting Bitcoin and threatening to disclose video: what to do

If you have received an email that appears to come from your email address and claims that an attacker has completely taken control of your system thanks to installed malware while visiting an adult site and threatens to disclose a video to all your contacts. Here's what you need to do and know.

Email requesting Bitcoin threatening to disclose video

There are two main emails of this type that can reach you:

The first begins by saying:

I sent this email from your email account (if you haven't seen it, check your email ID). In other words, I have full access to your email account.

The second type begins like this:

Did you detect that I have emailed you this message using your email address? This means I have FULL access to your system!

He needs to know right away that no one has actually hacked your email, they simply forged the message to make it look like it came from your account.

Also, the claim that they are in control of your system is a lie so rest assured.

The email continues saying:

The malware has given me full access and control over your system, that is, I can see everything on the screen, turn on the camera or microphone and you don't even notice. I also have access to all your contacts.

This virus downloaded onto your device and gives me full access to all your accounts, emails, data, contacts and so on.

My malware updates its signature every 10 minutes and there is nothing your antivirus can do about it.

This is also false even though there are malware that can access your webcam this is not the specific case. So rest assured no one has recorded any videos.

Advise!!! However, as malware of this kind exists, we recommend that you cover your computer's webcam when you are not using it.

Both messages try to pressure you into getting paid by letting you know that you have limited time to decide:

You have 48 hours to pay. Since I already have access to your system, I now know that you have read this email, so your countdown has begun.


From the moment you opened this email you have activated a timer. At this point, my setup will monitor this particular bitcoin address for any incoming financial transactions. You have 12 hours (only 12!) To generate the transfer.

The message doesn't include a read receipt, and even with logging into your system, it's highly unlikely anyone will know exactly when you opened an email. This is simply a ploy to get you to pay quickly.

So absolutely pay nothing and don't worry it's all a scam and no one as mentioned has any videos or access to your contacts or anything else.


You may receive these emails even if you have never visited such sites, or if your computer does not have a webcam / you have your webcam covered. But if you get one of these emails, delete it or move it to the spam of your inbox and don't worry about anything and just a scam attempt. I know these people are really horrible, they use psychological pressure to make people pay, that's why we made this article and share it as much as possible to defend the people who can be victims of these offenders.

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