Error U052: This type of printhead is wrong in Windows 10 Fix

Error U052: This type of printhead is wrong in Windows 10 Fix

Many Canon printer users encounter errors: U052 This type of print head is incorrect. It is common among Canon users and easy to fix, just follow our solutions and your error will be fixed.

The error U052: this type of print head It's incorrect It happens in two situations: first, when you have installed the printhead but it is not working properly or the printhead installation is incorrect. Second, when a printhead has not been installed in the printer. We have put together solutions for both cases, just follow the steps below.

Solution 1: Error with printhead installed

STEP 1: Open the lid from the printer to access the printer cartridge and printhead. The cartridge will automatically rise when you open the lid.

STEP 2: Before proceeding, turn off the power to the printer. Now make sure the lever to the right of the cartridge base is raised, otherwise it will move if you touch it.

STEP 3: Remove all ink cartridges of the grooves. Removing the ink cartridges will expose the black printhead.

STEP 4: now, remove the print head gently from the printer. To remove the print head, grasp it by the cartridge slots and gently pull it upwards, it will pop out.

STEP 5: Perform a basic print head cleaning after removing it from the printer.

STEP 6: Reinsert print head and ink cartridges, check that everything is ok as before.

STEP 7: Close the lid and turn it on after plugging it in.

Connect the printer after completing the process and print a page to check if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 2 - Error with no printhead installed

STEP 1: Modify off and unplug the printer from the power source.

STEP 2: Open the lid printer. If the ink cartridge slots and ink heads are empty, they will be in the front center.

STEP 3: First Install on pc the print head into the slot, make sure it fits properly.

STEP 4: Install everything ink cartridges one by one, close the lever and make sure that everything is tightly closed and that there are no empty slots.

STEP 5: Close the cover and turn on the printer after connecting it to the power source.

STEP 6: Connect it to your computer and try to print a page.

Solution 3: for capless printers

Modern printers that have a document scanner on top don't have a lid and have a different setup, so the best methods don't work. If you have that type of printer, follow this method.

STEP 1: Turn on the printer.

STEP 2: Press and hold the button paper exit tray and remove it carefully.

STEP 3: Open the document scanner main cover, make sure you don't touch any buttons.

STEP 4: Open the ink cap and wait for the print head to stop moving.

STEP 5: Remove all ink tanks one by one by pressing the lever and then lifting it.

STEP 6: Press Stop until the print head stops moving.

STEP 7: Remove the inside cover placed under the ink tanks and push it all the way down.

STEP 8: Extract the file trolley tray, you will find it a little stiff but it will slide down if you apply a little force.

STEP 9: The printhead will pop out slightly with the carriage tray, hold the center tab between your index and middle fingers. Pull gently so that it comes out of the printer easily.

STEP 10: To reinsert the printhead, hold it upright on the cartridge tray and gently push it in. The green circuit will be in front of you if you are doing it right.

STEP 11: Once the printhead is positioned correctly, push the tray in.

STEP 12: Close the inner cover.

STEP 13: Insert all inks into their respective slots.

STEP 14: Close the ink cap and main cap.

Try printing a sheet of paper to verify that the printer is working properly. This should fix your printhead error, let us know in the comments if you are having trouble following the methods.

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