Fable: the reboot will be a "modern" version of the series, worried fans

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During a recent appearance on the Skill Up podcast, a Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, was asked about Playground Games, mainly known for being a development team related to the franchise Forza Horizon, has been involved in the rebooted in Fable.

Le parole di Booty they were very vague and little can be gleaned from them about what we'll see in the Fable reboot. Nevertheless, some claims of him still have worried fans about the interpretation that the development team will have of the series. Here are his words about it:

Playground Games has a particular passion for the franchise and I think they've already shown that they understand what the heart and soul of Fable is and how they can bring it forward for today's sensibilities and make a modern take on it.

Nowadays statements like “sensibility"and "modern interpretation” often trigger genuine concern. In fact, these words have made fans of the series worry a lot, who have had their say on social media by expressing their fears about it:

Fable was really good and actually still plays like a simple modern game, there's very little clunk to it,
The fact they're saying the new one is a "modern take" couldn't be any scarier

— kmick (@kmickmon) November 11, 2022

Fable was a great game and actually it's still usable today as if it were a modern title. The fact that they're saying the new chapter will be a "modern version" couldn't be scarier.

Before these words from Booty, many fans were already worried about the health of the project due to some rumors related to numerous development problems, in addition of course to the lack of updates from official sources.

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