FIFA declares: "ours will be the authentic game with the FIFA name"

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The question concerning the epochal change in the name of the football title of EA, and the will of the FIFA (the association) to propose a football title from next year, has not a little shaken the whole videogame environment, given that we are talking about a series that has been going on for years and years. In the last few hours, the FIFA president Gianni Infantino stated how the title in the pipeline will be the best available to players who love football as well the authentic one and will bear the name FIFA.

These statements follow what has been declared in the last few hours, where EA Sports (certainly due to the association's entry on the scene) has officially announced that its football series will officially change its name to EA Sports F.C.. For its part, FIFA has said it will adopt a non-exclusive licensing system, and that it will rely on third-party studios and publishers to develop new projects.

In short, the partnership between the two giants is officially over, and FIFA from 2024 is preparing to publish a new football simulation title. Infantino's words, especially following the confusion of the web world after the first statements, now leave no room for doubt:

I can assure you that the one and only authentic game that will have FIFA in its name will be the best available for players and fans of the football world. The FIFA name will be the only title with this wording globally, the original one.

President Infantino later spoke about the export world:

Gaming and eSports are a sector that is experiencing unrivaled growth, and always able to diversify. Our company's strategy is to ensure that this continues in the future, and to ensure that fans, players, associations and partners have a truly great range of options, products and opportunities.

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