Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, confirmed the release period

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A short distance from the start of the The Game Awards, Square Enix has published a Tweet in which all the games published in 2022 are mentioned, and a preview of the program for 2023 is given.

Want to treat yourself with a little holiday present or see what’s coming up in the New Year?

Check out these recent releases and future titles. What are you most excited to play?

— Square Enix (@SquareEnix) December 7, 2022

In the post, the software House also quotes Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth, sequel to the acclaimed Final Fantasy VII: Remake. The community will certainly be happy with the confirmation of the title's launch window by Square Enix, who however did not specify a precise date.

Ai The Game Awards, However, Square Enix will be focused on Final Fantasy XVI, new title of the franchise, which will be released during the summer of 2023. Confirmations of the presentation of the title during the event came directly from Naoki Yoshida, who declared that he has something very special in store for the presentation of the new work by Square Enix. It can also be assumed that the release date of the title will be disclosed, which was recently leaked. According to those who discovered it, Final Fantasy XVI it should be released on June 22, 2023. At the moment there has been no confirmation from the organizers, but it is presumable that it will be made official during the The Game Awards. All that remains is to wait, therefore, for this date to be confirmed or denied by the same Yoshida.


Source: Square Enix Via: PSU
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