Final Fantasy XVI: Clive will not be the only playable character

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According to an interview, the creative director of Final Fantasy XVI, Kazutoyo Maehiro, has revealed that the new chapter of the long-running series will have more than one playable character, although this may be limited to a specific section at the beginning of the game.

According to what he revealed, at the start of the game players will check a character who is not Clive, answering a question asked about supporting characters of Final Fantasy XVI. This tells us that yes, we will be controlling another character, but that it will probably be for a short session and that he will simply be a secondary character.

This news actually it tells us very little, but it confirms that for almost the entirety of the adventure - unless comments on other controllable characters have been omitted on purpose - players will fight as Clive, always and in any case in the company of the other characters who will be part of the party.

By now we know what the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XVI is about 95% complete, and that therefore, before the awaited date of the official launch arrives, we could soon expect the arrival of the demo of the game (as already anticipated by Yoshida), even if in practice it is very probable that this trial version will be put available during the next year.

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