Fix Spotify App Not Responding on Windows 10

Fix Spotify App Not Responding on Windows 10

Perhaps, one of the most popular applications on the Microsoft Store is Spotify. This music app can be used as an extension with many other apps, so it is way ahead of its rivals. However, because it has complex applications, it isn't perfect. Many bugs have been reported with the app, one of which is:

"The Spotify application is not responding"Fix Spotify App Not Responding on Windows 10

When trying to open the application.


The problem could be in the process or in the system itself. But the most likely reason is that the process is overloaded.

The following solutions might help with the problem:

Solution 1] End the process in Task Manager

The application probably won't start because it is already open but not responding. Before trying any other solution, we should end the process in Task Manager and restart it.

1] Press CTRL + ALT + DEL to open the security options window.

2] Select and open the Task Manager from the list.

3] In the process list, find the Spotify process. Right click and finish the process.

Fix Spotify App Not Responding on Windows 10

4] Restart the system and start the Spotify application again.

Solution 2] Clean uninstall and reinstall Spotify application

If stopping the process didn't work, the app might be corrupted. If so, we may completely uninstall the Spotify application and reinstall it. However, we need to make sure that no traces of the application or its components remain in the system.

1] Press Win + R to open the Run window. gender control and press Enter to open the Control Panel window.

Fix Spotify App Not Responding on Windows 10

2] Go to Programs and features and it will show the list of applications installed on the system.

3] Search Spotify, right click on it and Uninstall that.

However, the cache and files of the previously installed version would remain.

4] Go to the following path in File Explorer:

C: Users AppData Roaming Spotify

Where C: drive is the drive of your system e is your system username.

5] To remove the Spotify folder.

Fix Spotify App Not Responding on Windows 10

It may happen that users cannot find the AppData folder. Show hidden folders to access them.

4] Once you've done this, you might start again the system and reinstall the Spotify application.

I hope this helps!

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