Forspoken, online criticism: the trailer graphics were better than the demo

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During the just passed The Game Awards 2022, the release of the Forspoken free demo, one of the latest titles produced by Square Enix. However, the software house is not receiving much positive feedback, because the newly released Action RPG appeared a little subdued, given that according to some analysts the graphics of the title would not be up to the first reveal trailer released two years ago.

According to comments making the rounds on the net, Forspoken, would have suffered a real graphic downgrade, so much so that the well-known El Analista de Bits, has published a video, which you can watch at the head of the article, where it highlights the poor form of the game in this demo. In the video you can see, how all the graphic rendering of the demo is absolutely not up to the one presented with the announcement of the title.

El Analista was particularly precise in its elaboration, analyzing all three ways in which the Forspoken demo can be used. Speaking of Quality Mode, the demo releases a resolution that averages 1728p, with excellent textures and a wider field of view than the other modes.

La Ray Tracing Mode affects the characteristics of the Quality Mode thanks to the activation of Ray Tracing, which lowers the average resolution to 1512p. On the other hand, however, we will only have better shadows, but the same cannot be said of the effects on the reflections and lighting of the title. With the Performance Mode improved situations are expected, but the textures are similar to those of Ray Tracing Mode, with a dynamic resolution reduced to 1440p. The frame rate rises to 60 fps, but currently it is still not exactly stable and reliable.

According to what was announced by Square Enix, this Demo version is a small excerpt from the final release of Forspoken, so it shouldn't show who knows what changes. However, we hope that between now and launch, the final version will be able to maintain more stability than what we have been able to see with this Demo.

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