Fortnite has a date and name for the Chapter 3 end event

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On the profile Twitter di Fortnite the date of the last event of the third chapter of the game has finally been announced. A slightly shorter chapter than the previous ones but no less rich in content; in recent weeks Fortnite has partnered with Star Wars, The Marvel movies, Rick and Morty e Black Adam. However, the long list of crossovers for this chapter seems to have almost come to an end, in fact it seems that chapter 4 is closer than expected and that the final event of the previous one will be the 3th December 22 (Spanish time).
The name of the event is "Fracture” and we don't have many details yet; However, it does not seem that this weakens the interest of the fans, there are certainly many who, a few minutes before the event begins, will already be ready to take part to avoid any log-in problems typical of these moments. Accompanying the fan hype for the conclusion of the chapter in this last month of waiting is what will probably be the last event of Fortnite 3, a collaboration with Star Wars featuring Luke Skywalker and lightsabers from the saga.

What can I say, definitely epic Games knows how to keep fans of the most famous battle royale ever on their toes, the fact remains that new news concerning the new part of the game will probably arrive shortly. Waiting for new crumbs of information to satisfy the public's hunger for news, we just have to wait one last month to find out everything that Fortnite 4 has in store for us.

Source: Twitter
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