Fortnite, the end of chapter 3 event is anticipated by a trailer

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In the short teaser trailer of the chapter 3 final event of Fortnite, Named Fracture, epic Games showed how, next weekend, the island where the game is set will descend into chaos. The event will start Saturday December 3, and will last approximately 15 minutes, perfectly in line with the previous events of Fortnite. As a result, Chapter 4 of the famous is expected Royal Battle will start on Sunday.

epic Games confirmed that the "otherworldly" event will be playable solo or divided into teams, for up to four players, so as to allow users to Fortnite to enjoy the show together. Anyone who logs into the game between December 2 and the start of the event will get a new emote as a reward,  Toasty Roast, which will allow you to roast marshmallows.

epic Games he took the opportunity to recommend players complete their own battle pass before the end of chapter 3otherwise they will no longer be able to enjoy the amazing unlockable rewards. Very close to the beginning of a new chapter of Fortnite, and there is very little official information regarding the plot of the next season. Almost certainly the map will change again, and some dataminers have declared that the name of the next chapter of the game could be "asteria".

Fonte: Youtube Via: Gamespot
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