Fortnite, what awaits us in Chapter 4 and when it could arrive

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As the closing date approaches 4 season of chapter 3 of Fortnite, it's time to figure out what the future holds. To date we still don't know much, starting with the fact that it is still unknown whether the new season will be the fifth of chapter 3 or the first of chapter 4. The only thing we know for sure, although it has not been made official by Epic, will end in the first week of December, most likely Sunday 4. The date of the end of Battle Pass has recently changed, passing from December 3rd to December 2nd, and this leads us to suppose that on Saturday there will be a final event, which will precede a few hours in which the game will be offline, to then return precisely on Sunday December 4th.

It is not yet known whether the next season will be the fifth of the third chapter or the first of the fourth, the hypotheses circulating among the users of the community derive from some information revealed by some data miners, who found the wording in the game files asteria, which would be the fourth Greek deity with the initial A after Apollo, Athena e Artemis, the current island on which the game map is located. Asteria could therefore ferry the game within the new chapter, and this would make sense since it would see the release of the new chapters of the game on an annual basis.

Probably, with the new season it will return there creative mode, as some dataminers who discovered the mode was tested by Epic and is waiting for December. All the information known so far has not been confirmed, these are assumptions and conjectures. We don't yet know what the new one will contain Battle Pass, if the much talked about first person mode arrives, what will be the main topic of the season, so we just have to wait for confirmations from Epic.

Source: GameSpot
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