Gears of War: Bleszinski Talks Netflix Adaptation

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Since time immemorial there have been rumors of the possibility of a film adaptation of Gears of War. The exclusive Microsoft di epic Games, first published on Xbox in 2007, has enjoyed enormous success over the years and the developer himself Cliff Bleszinski he has repeatedly stated that he would love to see his creation on the big screen. Well, Netflix seems to have recently got her wish by announcing that she is ready to devote herself to creating a film and an animated series inspired by the work.

To accompany the enthusiasm of the fans of the saga once they receive the news there is that of Bleszinski, who didn't delay in expressing himself on what his preferences would be for a possible cast in the film. First of all there is the ex-wrestler Dave Bautista, he himself has always stated that he would be perfect to interpret Marcus in an eventual film adaptation of the video game and both the developer and the fans could not agree more.
Cliff he also exposed himself about the characters of Dominic Santiago e baird. For the first, he would like to interpret him to be an actor with his own Latin American origins; while for Baird he seems more than convinced that Ryan Reynolds would be a perfect flesh-and-blood counterpart. Bleszinski is not directly involved in the project and, at the moment, the details on the film are very few. For our part, we can only hope that Netflix listens to the voice of the creator of the game, realizing the dream of the first fan of his own work.

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