Gmail import other email accounts

Gmail import other email accounts

Gmail import other email accounts. you have multiple email addresses and would like to read them all on your Gmail account here's how.

Gmail import other email accounts

Gmail allows you to import other accounts such as mail alicemail, fastwebmail, emailvirgilio, free mail or any other account.

In this way you can take advantage of the Gmail functions to comfortably read the emails of other email accounts without having to log in to each one to view them.

Convenient isn't it?

All your addresses on your Gmail account here's how.

How to send mail from other accounts on Gmail

  • Go to Gmail
  • click on the wheel icon at the top right and click settings
  • In the section "Account and import"
  • in the section "send message as" click on Toadd another email address
  • A window with an orange background will open where we will have to enter our data and the email address to be transferred to Gmail. Then enter yours email address to import
  • Once this is done, click on "next step".
  • We will be able to choose which sender to use in our emails, between the Gmail address and the other addresses entered.
  • After selecting the option most in line with our needs
  • continue by clicking on "send verification".
  • By accessing the email account just entered for the transfer, we follow the instructions that in the meantime the gmail forwarded us by post.

We have two possibilities:

  • 1) click on the link provided by Gmail;
  • 2) paste the verification code on the orange box and press the "verify" button.

After this last operation, the two email addresses will already be linked.

Receive emails from another Gmail account with POP3

Just as it is possible to send emails from other addresses, it is also possible to receive email messages addressed to other accounts on Gmail, through the POP3 protocol. Always from the Gmail Settings, in the "Account and import", in the section "Check mail from other accounts"Click on"Add your own POP3 mail account". A window opens.

Enter your email address, password and configuration options
The first thing to do is to enter the email address from which you want to receive mail. A slightly more complex screen opens that allows you to complete the configuration. First you need to type in the account username and password and select the POP server and port. Again, Gmail is generally able to automatically choose the server and port. There are also other options on the screen: "Always use a secure connection (SSL)”, Is activated by default, while the others can be activated or not. The option "Leave a copy ...”Is very useful and allows you to leave a copy of the emails on the server of the account they come from so that they are not deleted when they are moved to Gmail; also the option "Inbox label”Is very useful as it allows you to highlight the emails of different accounts with different labels. Later it is also possible to change the labels or have the emails of the different accounts be archived in different boxes.


After completing the settings, click on "Add account”And wait for the synchronization. The time required for the operation will depend on the number of emails present. If you encounter any problems or if you want to delete the account, you can go back to the Gmail Settings screen and change the setting. If e-mails start to arrive, then the procedure has been successful.

What if the provider does not support the POP3 protocol?

In this case, the solution is to set the provider of the account whose emails you want to check from Gmail so that all incoming emails are automatically forwarded to Gmail.

There are still few things to know.

First of all it must be remembered that all operations performed by Gmail on other accounts are not automatically synchronized on the other servers as well. So, if you receive an email from another account and reply through Gmail, the reply message cannot be viewed on the other server. The same goes for deleted and read messages, and for labels. Second, using POP3, emails sent from other accounts through Gmail won't arrive as fast as emails sent directly from your Gmail address.

On the Gmail address we will now receive all messages delivered to the address we transferred.

In case we don't want ours old account is disabled, log in from time to time. Long periods of inactivity could result in automatic account deletion.

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