God of War Ragnarok, can Kratos use Mjolnir? Here is the answer

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God of war ragnarok Will it allow Kratos to use Thor's hammer, Mjolnir? This is one of the questions that many players have been asking themselves since they finished the first chapter of the adventure. Yes, because the latter contained a piccolo teaser trailer where it was possible to see it. So, will that be an element of the sequel? We finally have the answer. 

From this point on you may run into God of War Ragnarok spoilers. So if you don't want to know details of the new Santa Monica adventure, stop your reading here. 

View Thor in God of War Ragnarok is making you dream all title players. That's because Mjolnir and Kratos' Leviathan Ax have one thing in common: they manage to return to their owner's hand. 

But then, will it be possible for Kratos to use Thor's Mjolnir? The answer is no, unfortunately. Neither Kratos nor Atreus will be able to use the weapon of the God of Thunder. The only new weapon available to Kratos will be the Spear Draupnir, which is obtained in the second half of the storyline. 

The Mjolnir will remain steadfast in the owner's hands, so Kratos will never be able to obtain it. Which is obviously a pity, but in the end the God of War will have three different types of weapons in his armory, adding the Mjolnir would have been nice too, but probably only for flavour

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