God of War Ragnarok, EDGE is limited enough

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After so many ovations around the God of War network, is humiliated by EDGE magazine by taking a measly 6. During the review, which contains several spoilers, the title is promoted for the graphic part, but not for the many badly executed ideas that have been brought into it. You can get lost in the light effects and the variety of places that have been included is truly impressive.

However, the editorial staff wanted to highlight how many of these places had been included exclusively to give an idea of ​​the open world, where in the end there were exclusively defined recovery missions. The title is full of missions that have been designed only to enhance your arsenal, without giving the title an extra quid. However, they were struck by the wonderful sleigh rides and the sound that changes according to the different terrains.

Just to reinforce the 6 of the review, they defined the story not ambitious or worthy of the franchise, since it ends up becoming the voiceover, not delivering the desired results. The idea of ​​having to insert corrupted people, who will bring the world to the brink of disaster, is not well represented by the in-game actions of the characters.

According to Edge, the story line has been gutted and brought to the console much better with the old God of War of 2018. At least the editors were pleased with trying to find the right place for this story, connecting it to the old and the future, and bringing in a beautiful concept of how your parents' legacy should never shape who you are.

Edge said that God of War offers the best of itself in the moments of the game where you are in closed spaces and rooms, which allowed you to face multiple enemies at the same time. Even the inclusion of all those mini-bosses did not like the editors, another negative note are all those moments of endless walking combined with fights with lots of dialogue, defining everything as very repetitive.

In short, Edge did not go very lightly with God of War, even if we know that the magazine is renowned for being very critical and not having a large hand on the votes, seeming almost a note out of the choir compared to all the others.

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