Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts. Discover the keyboard shortcuts for google chrome that will help you speed up its use.

Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Chrome

Reopen closed tab

Just press Ctrl + Shift + T and voila, the accidentally closed page is reopened. This trick is used when a web page is accidentally closed.

close a tab

Now that the work is done on a board, it should go up  X button to close it but it seems like such a boring task, right? Well, the world has a lot of lazy people like me.

Just hold down the CTRL and press W , the page will be closed in a flash.

Minimize window

Are you surfing the internet at work and would you like not to be discovered by your boss and quickly minimize chrome if it appears?

Instead of scrambling for the mouse to minimize the window, just press - Win + M.

Open link in new window

Surely we all know that Ctrl + link a new tab opens in the same window. Ctrl with Shift , and you'll have the link open in a brand new window.


Who needs peering into a web page if you have some awesome shortcuts including zooming. Yes, I'm talking about the Ctrl + + and Ctrl + shortcuts that act like the magnifying glass.

To restore the zoom to the initial state just press Ctrl + 0 (zero)

Go to a tab

Go to a tab by simply pressing Ctrl + number (1 to 8) to jump to the card of your choice.

Go to the bottom of the page

Scrolling through a page when it contains many articles can be boring as we would have to scroll with the mouse wheel for a long time. There is a solution just press the space bar and the page will automatically scroll down.

Select all from the address bar

Just press Alt + D and on the address bar all the text is highlighted and selected for you so that you can delete it and insert a new address.

Alternative to the above link: Ctrl + L

Add prefixes and suffixes

Why writing www and .com are so passé.

Enter the page name and press Ctrl + Enter , the prefixes and suffixes for the web address will be added automatically.

Google E'

Press Ctrl + K and type the query (the search word) you want to search on google.

Open Files in Chrome

Did you know that you can open any file from the desktop (or any folder) in Chrome? Press Ctrl + O and you are good to go. From images to documents, you can bring anything to the browser.

Change user

Want to change user or add a new user? Press  Ctrl + Shift + M . The rest of the work can be managed by the UP / DOWN keys.

Open the Favorites Manager

It is a common knowledge that Ctrl + D adds a bookmark, but what if you want to view the entire bookmark library? A simple push on Ctrl + Shift + O opens the bookmark manager.

Save all open pages

Your laptop battery is running low and would you like to save all open pages before your computer shuts down?

Ctrl + Shift + D . All you have to do is name the new folder and hit enter and all the pages will be saved in favorites.

task manager Chrome

All you have to do is press Shift + Esc and the task manager will be visible to you.

Clear all history

Want to clear your entire browsing history and data?  Ctrl + Shift + Del After that, you can use Tab and Enter to select and deselect options.

Search by Image

Have you found an image you like on a site and would like to see other similar ones and search for them? Don't worry, Chrome has the solution.

Press S and right click on the image. A new tab will open with Google image search.

Switch to the Last Open tab

Wish to go to the last opened tab? One push on Ctrl + 9 it will immediately transform to the last open tab.

Ask for all tabs and chrome

Ctrl + Shift + to exit Chrome.



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