Gotham Knights – Guide to all pages of Strigida's History

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Gotham Knights has 42 pages of Historia Strigidae, which will earn you the trophy (or achievement). Which will bring you closer and closer to Platinum. These collectibles are available after the Second Case. Their position it is indicated by some white colored triangles which can be found with the scanner. In fact, you will find white Xs on the walls, so you can find the Historia Strigidae.

No page of Gotham Knights' Historia Strigidae is missing. Then you will have access to all pages during the main story and during free roaming. Furthermore, all progress can also be brought into the New Game Plus.

You can keep track of which districts you have completed by looking at the map. In the lower right corner you will have four different icons. If you have found everything in a certain district, you will see everything green. Not only is it also possible to check all from the Collectibles item of the Challenges menu. While as regards the pages of Historia Strigidae go to the Collections within the Database.


  • Historia Strigidae 1: it will be marked in white in the map after the Second Case, go to the white X between the two crypts in the cemetery
  • Historia Strigidae 2: behind the crypt, on the small roof
  • Historia Strigidae 3: under the bridge, on the scaffolding

Robinson Park

  • Historia Strigidae 4: along the road that leads under the bridge, in the lower area of ​​Robinson Park

Gotham Heights

  • Historia Strigidae 5: on the wall behind the bench. You will have to climb the bench to interact with it
  • Historia Strigidae 6: at the top of the souvenir shop
  • Historia Strigidae 7: on the balcony of the church

West End

  • Historia Strigidae 8: on the roof, in the wall next to the large graffiti with the words "Fraud"
  • Historia Strigidae 9: on the balcony of the building near the water
  • Historia Strigidae 10: in the corner of the roof that has the white "Warky" graffiti
  • Historia Strigidae 11: outside the church, on street level
  • Historia Strigidae 12: on the roof near the bridge


  • Historia Strigidae 13: on the construction site, on the blue container
  • Historia Strigidae 14: climb the roof of the church. Between the church roof and the skyscraper you will find another roof, you can find it on the wall. It's not very high


  • Historia Strigidae 15: on the roof with the water tank, near the graffiti that says "Tapta"
  • Historia Strigidae 16: on the roof, amidst the graffiti that says "Help"
  • Historia Strigidae 17: on the wall with red brick, behind the building near the water
  • Historia Strigidae 18: at Cape Carmine jump south to reach the rocks near the water, it's in the rock wall
  • Historia Strigidae 19: Go past the Deeply Fishy shop, go up the stairs, go to the wall at street level

Tricorner Island

  • Historia Strigidae 20: under the bridge, it is quite hidden by the vegetation in the dark
  • Historia Strigidae 21: in the southern section of Fort Dumas, you can walk in the corridor, you will find the page in the wall
  • Historia Strigidae 22: well hidden in the wall between the blue beams

Old Gotham

  • Historia Strigidae 23: on the roof near the cathedral
  • Historia Strigidae 24: on the roof under a huge water tank
  • Historia Strigidae 25: Halfway to the top of the building with two roofs, go to the lower one
  • Historia Strigidae 26: on the edge of the terrace
  • Historia Strigidae 27: at street level, in a garden between the two houses
  • Historia Strigidae 28: The same place you entered the Powers Club from in Case 2

Financial District

  • Historia Strigidae 29: behind the building, near the water. Check the wall
  • Historia Strigidae 30: on the small little roof near street level
  • Historia Strigidae 31: At Blackgate Island, follow the same route you took in Case 1, when you followed Harley Quinn. On the coast outside the prison you can find everything on the rock face
  • Historia Strigidae 32: at the Edward Elliot Center, climb the first roof, then look behind the large monument to find the entrance
  • Historia Strigidae 33: You have to fall on an open roof of a building, go to the first door and then to the left. When you enter the next room, go straight and use the grappling hook to go into the tunnel in front of you. In the room, go left and you will find the page
  • Historia Strigidae 34: From street level, look at the shop with the red neon icon that says “Diner”. Then go to the roof of it. Check the wall and go to the corner of that roof.

The Cauldron

  • Historia Strigidae 35: Climb the fence and fall behind, you will find a secret tunnel. Drop into it and go right.
  • Historia Strigidae 36: in the underground tunnel, go further and further down. At the second tunnel go immediately left and check the walls
  • Historia Strigidae 37: At Paris Island, go halfway up the tower
  • Historia Strigidae 38: halfway between the two houses with a small roof, you will find a wall inside. It's about the same height as the bridge, so use it as a reference point. You will also see a basketball court, when you can, it means you are in the right spot
  • Historia Strigidae 39: on the roof of the building with the neon sign Dry Cleaner


  • Historia Strigidae 40: Go to the top of the skyscraper and get to the last balcony just before the roof, then go left
  • Historia Strigidae 41: behind the neon sign “Koil Brau”, on the roof wall
  • Historia Strigidae 42: on the roof, behind the wall overlooking the street

And here's how to get it all pages of Gotham Knights' Historia Strigidae.

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