Gran Turismo 7 does not arrive in Russia: Sony skips the release without warning

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Gran Turismo 7, at least for now, it will not reach Russia, with the game being removed from the PlayStation Store and it is very difficult to buy in the country, due to what happened with the invasion of Ukraine.

The Japanese company, albeit not with a statement - as others have done, including CD Projekt RED - has decided to show its support for Ukraine avoiding bringing his new racing title to Russia, which as it is now known has triggered a real invasion.

This is certainly not the first episode of this type, given that all the majors in the main entertainment sectors, in one way or another, between declarations and donations, they have shown themselves against the actions of Putin and Russia, thus avoiding launching their products in the country, at least for the moment, with everything that could obviously change in the future when the situation is settled.

Although this is an initial decision, it cannot be excluded with the evolution of events we will see the situation worsen further as regards the support of various companies to the country, with even the possibility that this is completely isolated more and more in the over the next few days.

So when will Gran Turismo 7 arrive in Russia?

At the moment, there is no official information to this effect, given that the PlayStation Store indicates the message of the need for confirmation of the release date in the title in the country. We will therefore see over the next few days if the giant will be able to issue statements to this effect, thus taking a public position on the incident.

As for our review of the game, in which we had the opportunity to reward the new exclusive PlayStation 5, we take the opportunity to refer you to the dedicated in-depth article, you can find it at this link.

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