Gran Turismo 7: new gameplay and details from the State of Play

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Gran Turismo 7 has finally shown itself in a presentation dedicated to the title, complete with more in-depth gameplay than seen on previous occasions, with new details during the State of Play of this evening February 2 2022.

The video that we leave you on the cover of this article, makes us immerse again in the game world of boys racing of Polyphony Digital with a deeper look at many of the game mechanics and competitions. For example, we start with the renewed 3d map and the various game hubs to always collect new cars, some hints to dynamic time and even we get to talk about the super realistic realization of the starry sky based on the player's position on planet earth. All with the typical attention to detail typical of the series.

On the other hand, the PlayStation exclusive racing game has always been a product of great importance for millions of ai fans racing games, also thanks to these very small but significant subtleties, to the point of representing a constant and a symbol in the reference market.

From what emerged also, it seems that the relatively recent parenthesis of Gran Turismo Sport, which has left some players partly disappointed for the very few contents at launch (even if it was partially recovered later), it has been overcome and the playful formula present since the beginning of the series, seems to be back in style.

In fact, it appears that this time the situation is getting off to a good start from the beginning, with the return to the field of a winning game system that has made Gran Turismo one of the automotive series most loved ever, that is to say the very full-bodied single player career.

In fact, one of the main features of the main saga has always been the amount of content, with several hundreds of cars (over 400 in GT7) e lots of tracks, which in the latter game they should be nearly a hundred.

In addition to this impressive amount of vehicles and tracks, the game system and the career structure that makes the player experience the feeling of being building a real automotive empireor, with each car it can truly become unique. Gran Turismo 7, in fact, seems to open up to a world of collecting, passion for tuning and fetish modification of engines, and of every single internal and external detail of the cars.

Furthermore, as in the previous Gran Turismo, there are numerous types of competition between the most varied activities, with even some stimulating parentheses dedicated to the famous challenges for driving licenses, which will return to be part of the snappy new game from Polyphony Digital.

However, it remains to be clarified how this imprint, which can be defined as "classic" in many respects, will then materialize in competition with other industry greats, which like the last Forza, and especially with Forza Horizon 5 that they have been able to bring very high the bar for the whole genre of racing simulations. We therefore look forward to this very high level challenge between two products highly appreciated by both fanbases.

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