Gran Turismo 7 on PC? Yamauchi answers

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After having hit practically all the players and fans of car racing video games, Gran Turismo 7 (here you can retrieve our review) it was also particularly awaited in a possible PC version.

Too bad, however, that this question was answered in a rather dry way and without many interpretations by Kazunori Yamauchi, head of Polyphony Digital, saying that the title is not currently expected in the PC version. This statement came during an interview that the well-known Game Designer left to the microphones of Dengeki Online:

I certainly can't say that this hasn't been taken into consideration, but if I have to confirm a version of Gran Turismo7 for PC, well, the answer is definitely no and none of this is currently in the works.

As we anticipated, there is little to look for in Yamauchi's words, who during the interview discussed the 25-year history of the Gran Turismo saga, specifying that in the last period the development team has made its due assessments on the possible development of Gran Turismo 7 on PC and has currently been rejected.

Most likely they want to keep the game high with the publication of a lot of content, and a possible processing for another platform would have overloaded everyone's work, leading to a probable lowering of the general quality of the title.

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