Gran Turismo 7 victim of review bombing after known problems

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Gran Turismo 7 is going to meet the review bombing, that is a "bombardment" of negative reviews from fans, who didn't like different aspects of the game, as well as a heavy down lasted more than 30 hours.

From our website Metacritic, used to score the game, they rained 0 and 1 reviews, which have left no way out of the famous car simulator. At the time of publishing this article, the negative reviews are well 2.593, against only 702 positives, and the total score of Gran Turismo 7 it fell to 2,6. This is a very low rating for a game of this caliber.

The reasons that prompted fans to rage on Metacritic are different. Among the main ones is a new system introduced with the patch 1.07, which made buying cars more difficult without using microtransactions. Among the reviews you will find, for example:

Say hello to another game that ruined its economy right after the launch window for microtransaction reasons. I loved the series. He made some questionable choices for money up to GT5 (selling single-use paints as DLC, for example), but he was never irremediable, certainly nothing like what you see in today's game. GT7 had already started off badly due to its rewards (mainly the roulette spins that give you the lowest reward 90% of the time) and with the latest patch they turned the game into a total grindfest.

Another problem that angered the players, already mentioned above, was the service down which took place on 17 March, two days ago, and lasted for more than 30 hours. During this very long period of time, the online services of Gran Turismo 7 have been closed, and server maintenance went beyond reasonable, triggering the beginning of the review bombing phenomenon. In fact, the community has not forgiven, flocking to Metacritic to tell the malfunction and general discontent.

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